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Healthgenie FM 101 Reusable Face Mask Universal Size Pack of 1 (Colors May Vary On Delivery)

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Lowest Price: ₹ 30 on Healthgenie. Updated: October 26, 2021 10:09 am

Product Overview

It protects a person from harmful dust, pollution, bacteria and viruses to enter the body.

Product Specification and Features:

  • The universal standard flat double layer mask is soft and breathable
  • The unisex mask is made to fit most sizes and helps to protect from dust, pollution and bacteria
  • Reduces exposure to blood and body fluids
  • Limits the spread of germs if someone sneezes or coughs as it releases tiny drops of particles in the air that infect others

* Not to be used by hospital healthcare workers (HCWs).

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  • The mask has a soft smooth lining to avoid irritation.
  • Ergonomically designed and provides snug fit which helps to make it comfortable.
  • It has a high barrier double protection and helps in easy control breathing.

Healthgenie FM 101 Premium Quality Washable & Reusable Double Layered Cloth Face Mask has an easy and comfortable breathing design which has a high barrier protection and snug fit. The mask is made with 40 micron double layered poly cotton fabric making it easy to use and wash.

Directions For Use:

  • Remove the mask from the box and considering the stiff bendable edge as top side
  • Hold the mask by the ear loops then mold or pinch the stiff edge to the shape of the nose and pull the bottom of the mask to cover your mouth and chin

Safety Information:

  • Read the label carefully before use
  • Keep out of reach of the children
  • Avoid its storage in hot and humid place
  • Store the mask in a neat and hygiene area

NOTE : Not to be used by hospital heath-care workers



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