HealthViva Apple Cider Vinegar – 500 ml

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  • HealthViva Apple Cider Vinegar contains 'The Mother Vinegar' and is pure and unpasteurized.
  • HealthViva ACV is unprocessed, raw and unfiltered also affirmed by its cloudy look.
  • HealthViva ACV may boost immunity and energy
  • It may help in weight management, digestion and clearing acne.
  • HealthViva products are manufactured in an ISO and FSSAI certified facility that is GMP certified.

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Organic, raw, unfiltered and unprocessed apple cider vinegar extracted from the finest of Himalayan apples now comes to you in a bottle of 500 ml. Murky and brown, referred to as the mother , this cobweb-like mass that settles at the bottom of the bottle is nutritious and loaded with health benefits. Spoonful of this sour-tasting liquid with high concentration of acetic acid clears your system, increases absorption of minerals and maintains overall wellness. A great way to add a dash of this goodness to your meals is by whipping some of it in your salad dressings, or drizzling over meat/fish/ steamed vegetables. What you are left with is loads of health and a bit of zing.

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