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Vacurect OTC Gold

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  • Available for free with Vacurect
  • Available in strawberry and chocolate flavours
  • Ph Balanced, Non-Toxic
  • Washes off easily
  • Oil & fat free

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Vacurect Water Based Personal Lubricant, Strawberry

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VACURECT™ OTC GOLD is a safe, US-FDA approved medical device for complete erection of your penis. It is equipped with vacum therapy that ensures maximum pleasure during sexual intercourse. It is usually recommended for men who are some how unable to satisfy their partner. This equipment is easy to use, store, and manage.

A man is said to build his own destiny. One who never falls on others but himself. And defining his roles in words are beyond capacities. A man never likes to fail. Now that may be in what so ever! And here is a product to keep his integrity intact. A one time simple solution to your secret problems. A product to combat the problems of impotency, micro penis and premature ejaculation. A vacuum pump that is simple to use and easy to manage. It helps in complete erection of your penis, hence making your intimate moments even more intense and passionate. This product will help you perform your best and win over the game of love, that too without interfering with the foreplay and your romance.

Step 1: Attach the tension ring onto vacuum device by means of a light squeeze.
Step 2: Apply a small amount of personal lubricant to the opening of the tension ring and organ both.
Step 3: Gently rest the tip of the penis at the opening of the tension ring.
Step 4: Move the outer movable sleeve up and down the vacuum device to create the vacuum; this process will draw the penis through the tension ring into the vacuum device.
Step 5: After creating the erection, remove the vacuum device from the tension ring, leaving the tension ring in place at the base of the penis.

The VACURECT Vacuum Erection Device is entirely safe, and requires no surgery or other medical treatment. It assures you results with minimal of efforts and maximum of ease. You can please yourself and your partner to the fullest and be all the more confident about it, every time you go intimate.

VACURECT™ OTC GOLD consists of

1 bottle of lubricant (normal) 50 ml
Features a pure silicon system oil
9 reusable tension rings of different sizes
Convenient carry bag with user manual/CD

Warranty : one year



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