Universal Fat Burner 55 Tabs

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UNIVERSAL FAT BURNER helps in increasing metabolic rate. In general, men have a higher metabolic rate than women. This is the reason losing weight is easier at the beginning of a program and reaches a plateau when you are lighter.

  • Lipotropic and metabolic complex
  • Help release stored fat
  • Ephedrine free
  • Stimulant free
  • The heavier you weigh, the faster your metabolic rate

Universal Fat Burner 55 Tabs

UNIVERSAL NUTRITION® Fat Burners is a formula that helps release those built-up fats and deliver them into the mitochondria of the cells where they can be burned as a source of energy. Sometimes, you dont need all the thermogenic fat burners the stimulants like ephedrine and caffeine. Maybe youre a natural bodybuilder who wants to avoid these ingredients. Whatever the reason, fat Burners and easy-to-swallow (ETS) fat burners have been made especially for you.

Fat burners is a lipotropic and metabolic complex which contains over 10 nutrients designed to help you reach your goals naturally.

Fat burners can help your body release stored bodyfat and then transport it into the mitochondria of the cells where it can be burned for energy.

Fat burners also comes in a smaller, easier-to-swallow size. ETS fat burners is available in either 55 or 100 tablet bottles.


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