Relispray Nitron 100g

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Product Overview

* Specially made to deal with sport and impact injuries.* Injuries caused by strains and sprains.* It can also be used in aching or injured muscles, tendons and joints.* The power of an ice pack.* Instantly reduces pain and swelling.

  • A pain relieving spray with cold therapy
  • Reduces tissue temperature without damaging cells
  • Instantly relieves pain and reduces swelling

Relispray Nitron

Rest. Ice. Compression. Elevation. This is the medically advised formula for impact injuries. Relispray Nitron combines the healing powers of Relispray with the future healing technology of the amazing ICEPAC action. It reduces swelling. Cools the wound up to 10 degree Celsius. And begins the healing process, right away.

  • Ice cannot be carried around in India’s heat conditions. You will need an ice box and a lot more. Besides Ice only cools wounds and reduces swelling. Relispray Nitron penetrates the skin and carries cooling and the medicinal properties right to the pain area. It does not need rubbing or touching of the wound. Threfore preventing any further damage.
  • Relispray Nitron can easily be carried in a player’s kit bag or a normal bag.
  • Ideal to keep at home when there are children around.
  • Relispray Nitron uses cooling technology to work on pain including joint pain, muscle pull, back and neck pain and helps to a large extent in relieving pain caused by arthritis.
Why Coaches Say Relispray Nitron is Better than an Ice Pack:
Product Easy to carry Stored in room temperature Reduces swelling Heals
Ice No No Yes No
Relispray Nitron Yes Yes Yes Yes
Key Ingredients:

Icepac Action: Relispray Nitron provides you an instant relief from any pain ailment and in case of an impact injury. It is infused with advanced ice pack solution condensed to 10 degree, when sprayed it creates a rapid action of reducing swelling, cooling the wound healing it at the same time.

Aerosol Technology: The future healing technology of Relispray is approved by doctors and various sports coaches. It is a pain and swelling healing expert made with revolutionary aerosol technology that releases fast and penetrates the skin easily. This formulation works on joint pain, muscle pull, sprain and back ache and is ideal to be used by everyone. For sports people and in case of an impact injury, Relispray Nitron is better than an Ice Pack.



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