Quantico FS Treadmill with Auto Lubrication & Auto Inclination & Six Level Shock Absorbtion & 1 Year Warranty

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  • Digitally adjust your incline up to 15 percent , 2 HP continuous ( 4 HP Peak), Running Area (1260mm X 420 MM), Speed (1 Km/hr-14Km/hr), Max User Weight (110 Kg),Single Function Treadmill
  • Plug your ipod or other MP3 device into the console sound System to stay motivated with your workout playlist
  • 5-inch Backlit Display-Time, Speed, Distance, Heart Rate, Calorie, Program
  • Auto Lubrication, Auto Inclination, Six Level Shock Absorbtion, 12 programmes
  • Rated a best "Value Buy" for walking by the Good Housekeeping Institute and by the Treadmill Doctor as one of the "Best Buys" in its category

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Quantico FS Treadmill

OVERVIEW The FS-385 motorized treadmill from Quantico Global India Pvt Ltd is a great solution for workout at home and office! The 2.0 HP Continuous (4.0 HP Peak) Motor offers a smooth ride while the LCD display tracks distance, time, speed, calories burned, heart rate.

The unique features and performance shown by this treadmill are very helpful to achieve the goal of fitness for any individual.

Made for Home The FS-385 is a lightweight, compact and foldable treadmill offering the perfect space saving solution for your home gym. 2.0 HP (4.0 HP Peak) DC Green Motor Quiet and reliable 2.0 HP DC motor with Green Efficient Technology consumes less than 1 unit electricity per hour.

Running Area This treadmill has Running area 1260mm×420mm Soft Drop System and Storage The FS-385 has a unique foldable feature with soft hydraulic release, children’s room, or sliding under the bed when not in use. Slow auto descend (by pushing the yellow button on the stand) of the running board ensures safety and prevents back injuries.

The treadmill comes with a safety lock which holds the machine in a folded position and prevents it from falling over when stored in an upright position. Transport wheels make it more convenient and easy to move the treadmill around. Auto Inclination Auto inclination feature helps to incline or decline the running board from 0%-15% on a single command.

The treadmill has speed and auto inclination Control Key on hand rail. Auto Lubrication Auto Lubrication ensures zero friction and smooth movement of the running belt thereby increasing the life of the belt & the motor.

Roller Precision-machined, steel crowned rollers with dynamic balancing keeps the belt centered ensuring its smooth movement thereby increasing the belt life and the life of the bearings.

Display The LCD screen displays time, speed, distance, calories, heart rate and fat + BMI measurement.

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  1. Rated 4 out of 5

    Best treadmill

    It is an excellent product with commendable services provided by the vendor in terms of delivery.

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