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Omron Pencil Thermometer MC 343F

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Product Description

Be cautious! Never let your carelessness put down your health. This Omron MC-343F Thermometer is a trust worthy medical device that can be used at home and medical clinics promising to keep you hale and hearty.

This Omron MC-343F thermometer is specially designed with flexible tip that helps in taking the reading of temperature level through oral, rectum and underarm. Recommended by health officers, it is comfortable enough for taking rectal temperature for kids under the age of 5. It has a water resistant body with easy cleaning procedures and ensures a better hygiene.

MC-343F thermometer is based on the Japanese technology. It has a buzzer for indication once the readings are recorded and it takes appropriately 10-25 seconds to flash the recordings. This digital thermometer has an LCD display with 3-digit numerical display format and it offers a dual facility of displaying the reading in both Fahrenheit and Celsius with an accurately projected 0.1 degree increment promising accurate results. Using this digital thermometer is safe and secured with no fear of mercury poisoning.

This thermometer uses Alkaline-Magnesium button battery. It is replaceable with 2 years of approximate battery life even when it is used thrice a day. It features a Thermistor sensing unit, 32.0 deg C to 42.0 deg C or 89.6 to 107.6 deg F measurement ranges. It has a smart auto-off function for those who forget to switch the button off. It automatically shuts off when it is not in use for more than 3 minutes. Boasting memory recalling system for the previous reading, Omron offers a compact protective case for easy fetch, a test battery, 5 probe covers for better hygiene and an instruction manual.

From the Manufacturer

Digital Thermometer

For oral, rectal and underarm temperature measurement

Quick 10 seconds actual measurement, in 0.1 degree increment.

  • Professional accuracy
  • Flexible tip for added comfort and safety
  • Memory
  • With Buzzer
  • Water-resistant
  • Digital, no fear of mercury poisoning

Omron digital thermometer offers a safe, accurate and quick temperature reading. It eliminates any worries about broken glass or mercury hazards.

For oral, rectal and underarm temperature measurement
  • Quick actual measurement – 20 sec. for oral, 10 sec. for rectal and 25 sec. for underarm measurement
  • Flexible tip provides added comfort and safety
  • Accurate measurement – measures actual temperature in degC and degF
  • Water resistant for easy cleaning
  • Memory – recalls last reading
  • Battery can be replaced
  • Buzzer – Beeps when measurement is completed


Model MC-343F
Power Supply 1.5V DC, 1 LR41 Alkaline-Magnesium button battery
Power consumption 0.1mW
Battery life Approx. 2 years or more (3 times/day)
Sensing unit Thermistor
Measurement method Actual measurement
Temperature display 3-digit, +degC (deg F) display in 0.1 degree increment
Measurement Accuracy plus/minus 0.1deg C(32.0 to 42.0 deg C); +-0.2deg F (89.6 to 107.6deg F)
when measured at a standard room temperature of 23deg C (73.4deg F) in a test tank held at constant temperature
Measurement range 32.0 degC to 42.0 degC (89.6 to 107.6 degF)
Weight 12g (with battery)
External Dimensions 19.4 (W) x 132.5 (L) x 10.0 (D) mm
Memory Function Recalls previous reading
Auto off function Approx. 30 minutes after use or 3 minutes when not been used
Battery replacement indication Battery symbol displayed
Accessories Protective case, test battery, 5 probe covers, instruction sheet

Health Information

Listen to your body. Take control of your health and live a fuller life
Omron wants everyone to live a normal, healthy and well-balanced life. The key is health management. We all need to take responsibility for our own health.

Knowledge that empowers

OMRON is renowned for designing advanced monitors for use by medical professionals in clinics and hospitals. But we believe prevention is more effective than any treatment. Information about your health shouldn’t just be available to your doctor. We want to empower people to know and understand their bodies so they can control illnesses or avoid them altogether. That’s why we offer healthcare products that enable anyone to monitor their health in their own home, so they stay healthy and stay out of hospital. When your body talks, we can help you listen.

What You Need To Know About Fevers

Fever defined and the causes:

A fever is when the body’s temperature is higher than normal due to an infection. The fever is usually caused by a virus or bacteria. It is a way in which the body fights infection. A fever is not dangerous, and does not always mean that a person has a serious illness.


The prevailing idea seems to be that high fevers cause brain damage. This is essentially untrue. The truth is that the brain is able to act like a thermostat and keep the temperature from going beyond a safe range; i.e. about 106.2 degrees. The only exceptions are devastating infections of the brain itself, as in bacterial meningitis, most of which are now prevented by immunization. Use a thermometer as a guide for temperature measurement. Usually, the infection is caused by a virus, and antibiotics do not help viral infections. If the infection is bacterial it can be treated with antibiotics prescribed by your doctor. While waiting for the medication to take effect, the temperature can be brought down by warm water baths; cold water or ice water is not recommended as they can cause the blood vessels in the skin to constrict, and decrease the body’s ability to get rid of extra heat. Also, cold or chilly water will cause a child to shiver, which will increase the body’s internal heat.

Additionally, you should do the following to provide extra comfort:
  • Drink plenty of clear fluid.
  • Dress as lightly as possible
  • Keep the child cool.
  • Never use alcohol
Additional helpful hints:
  • Ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin) is gradually replacing acetaminophen(Tylenol) as the medication of choice because it lasts longer and is anti-inflammatory as well.
  • Aspirin is NOT recommended for children under 18 years of age due to the risk of Reyes syndrome, a liver disorder associated with the use of aspirin and certain viral infections
  • When in doubt, call your pediatrician or doctor.

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