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Nicorette Gum (Sugar-free) – 210 Gums 2mg

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  • Nicorette Freshmint Sugar Free Gum 2mg Nicotine 210 Pieces
  • Each piece of gum delivers a controlled amount of nicotine into your body - enough to satisfy the craving, but not as much as a real cigarette
  • Nicorette Gum allows you to actively control how much nicotine you use and when you use it, for fast craving relief

Nicotine gum is chewing gum specially formulated with nicotine to help reduce your withdrawal symptoms to help you kick your smoking habit. It’s a form of nicotine replacement that’s available in 2 mg and 4 mg for effective craving relief. A prescription is not required for nicotine gum.

Direction for Use:

Just like any medicine, for Nicorette to do its job, you need to use it properly. While nicotine gum is designed for you to chew one piece every 1 to 2 hours for the first six weeks – or when cravings occur – there are a few other rules you need to follow. Read on to learn how to use Nicorette Gum for maximum effectiveness.

* Use the “Chew and Park” method: Chew Nicorette Gum slowly until you can taste the nicotine or feel a tingling sensation in your mouth. Stop chewing and park the piece of Nicorette between your cheek and gums. After about a minute, when the tingling is almost gone, start chewing again. Repeat this process until the tingle is gone (about 30 minutes).

* If you experience strong or frequent cravings, you can chew a second piece of nicotine gum within the hour, but you should not continuously chew one piece after another.

* Make sure to avoid eating or drinking anything for 15 minutes before using Nicorette Gum, and while you’re using it. Even mildly acidic food and beverages can inhibit nicotine absorption into your bloodstream.


Once you’ve chosen a quit date, start using Nicorette Gum on your quit date. Follow the directions on the label. To improve your chances of success, be sure to use at least 9 pieces of Nicorette a day for the first six weeks of your quit. Don’t eat or drink 15 minutes before or while you’re chewing Nicorette. Stay with the full 12 week quit program to increase your chances of success. However, if you find that you need to use Nicorette longer than 12 weeks, the FDA has determined that is acceptable to do so in most cases. Talk to your doctor or health care provider if you feel the need to use Nicorette for longer than 12 weeks.

If you are using Nicorette while trying to quit smoking but slip up and have a cigarette, you should not stop using Nicorette. You should keep using it and keep trying to quit.

Consult the user’s guide for complete directions and other important information.

Specification: Nicorette Gum (Sugar-free) – 210 Gums 2mg

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