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Cobra Magnum Pepper Spray

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• High Emission Conical Spray up to 12 ft. Best in the Class
• Enough quantity to disable a mob of 10-12 attackers
• Effective Spray Range of 12 ft thus offering the user a safety radius of 12 ft x 360 degree
• Conical Sprays is the easiest & most effective spray pattern as the user does not have to take aim of “eyes” which is a very small target.
• Just point it in the general direction of the face of the attacker & spray.
• At a approximate distance of 8 ft the spray cloud covers around 12ft thus offering the user a safety radius of 12 ft x 360 degree.

Cobra is an instantly effective personal safety device with a safe mode step lock mechanism for easy and safe carrying. It relies on a powerful Pepper formula that causes burning and severe irritation in the eyes, the mucus membranes and the facial tissues of the assailants, making them completely disabled and immobilized. Though it is powerful, but causes no known permanent damage or scars and the effects are temporary that wear off in 2-3 hours. It is a self-defense pepper spray ideal for women, senior citizens, petrol pump; cashiers/bank security/ATM guards, highway motorist, also useful against charging animals etc.

Conical Pattern Effects In Three ways:

1. Attacks the Eyes shutting them instantly, thus technically blinding the attacker.
2. Attacks the Mucus membrane & respiratory Track, causing breathing problems to the attacker along with bouts of Coughing & sneezing, which drains out the energy of the attacker.
3. Causes very severe “burning sensation” on the facial tissue.
4. Pepper Sprays are not known to cause any permanent Injury or Scarring, all effects are temporary & wear off in 2-3 hrs.

Additional Features:

• Draw & Fire Design
• Single Hand Operation.
• Integrated 2 pc cap with Safety Mechanism.
• Lock/Unlock Mode ( First Of Its Kind)
• Poly Carbonate Clip for ease of carrying

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