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One of the most exasperating events in trying to become pregnant is those pregnancy test. It is natural to be anxious and nervous if you are from the group, who wants to become pregnant and waiting to see a positive result on the pregnancy test strip. It will really make you depressed if you have been constantly trying to get pregnant but are continually seeing a negative result. Being pregnant by the week might be an elusive thing for any women. Pregnancy test around the end of each month can really be an anxious moment and more so for those that have been constantly trying to conceive. During the pregnancy, you can find some signs of early pregnancy and symptoms that are different for an individual woman and it differs. You can easily do a self pregnancy test from your home pregnancy test kit and it will definitely give you the exact result whether it is positive or negative. It is imperative for a woman to know when to take a pregnancy step. Home pregnancy test with modern equipments is best-performed home kits for the women.

Nevertheless, there is no need to be anxious and saddened as there are many things, which develop your chances of conceiving naturally and in quick time. Due to huge development of medical science these days, it is now possible to get pregnant with techniques like IUI, in-vitro fertilization and others. These pregnancy kit consist of pregnancy test strips, which help in detecting a pregnancy hormone called HCG (human chorionic gonadotrophin) in the urine.

How do a urine pregnancy kit help?


1. A urine pregnancy test kit is handy and can detect a hormone called HCG, which starts secreting when the uterus conceives.

2. With the help of urine test, you can detect whether you are pregnant or not as it is noticeable, the hormone is noticeable in the urine.

3. The HCG hormone can even be detected in the serum of a pregnant woman.

4. This pregnancy test strip detects this particular hormone in the urine, which is found only after the embryo is planted inside the uterus. This procedure takes about 5 to 6 days.

5. Hence taking the test early is not advisable, as you would not get the exact results.


How to find good quality of that test strip?

1. You could get these pregnancy test strips anywhere in the market but before buying them you must see to it that you are buying a good quality strip, which is branded.

2. This test strip must be used to detect pregnancy within 5 to 15 days of conception.

3. Generally, it should be used the very first day when you skip your monthly period.

4. It is advised that you conduct this test by taking a few drops of fresh urine that you pass early in the morning and put in the test window. If a red colored band appears within 5 minutes, it means your pregnancy is negative and if two vertical red strips appear, it means it is positive.

5. To get best results always look for strips that are FDA cleared, helpful and have shown positive results before.

6. See to it that the pregnancy test strips, which you purchase, must detect the HCG hormone in just 20 mIUs level.

Hence while buying a home pregnancy test kit see to it that the pregnancy test strip contains is good so that you can have quicker results.

Once you are pregnant, you need to undergo a series of tests to ensure that all is well and the development of the baby is normal. Mostly these tests help in determining the health status of the baby and are able to identify the problem area, if any. Tests can be of two types: diagnosis and screening. Being a parent is just amazing, more so when it comes after long years of waiting.

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