Fertility is a natural process of give birth to a child where both male and female are involved. These days both men and women are having lots of fertility issues. In women, infertility means not getting pregnant after six months of regular and unprotected sex. Infertility doesn’t always mean a person is sterile — not capable ever to have a child. There are many Fertility treatments which can help males and females to get rid of the infirmity. Although some people still think of fertility as a “woman’s problem,” but to be honest infertility can involve problems solely with the male spouse. Infertility in a man may be the only reason that a couple can’t expect, or it may just add to the difficulties caused by infertility in his partner.

The term fertility drug mainly refers to drugs that stimulate creation of a hormone necessary for conception. Fertility drug and medicines are any of a selection of substances used to amplify the possibility of conception and successful pregnancy. Diverse methods are applied to correct or avoid the different functional disorders of both males and females that can hinder with conception and childbearing.

Women who need Fertility Drugs

1. A female having irregular menstruation cycle that even if she is ovulating, ovulation is totally unpredictable and random.

2. If you aren’t able to produce any eggs or are producing very few eggs.

3. The main reason of infertility is caused by failure and malfunction of the pituitary gland.

Men who need Fertility Drugs

1. Men who are taking any kind of antibiotics to treat infection or irritation.

2. Low sperm counts with Low Sperm motility are the two primary reasons for male infertility.

3. Males involved in severe alcohol and smoking may need fertility drugs as the excess usage of leaker and smoke may affect their ability to produce.

Causes of male and female infertility:

1. Abnormal sperm creation or function due to various problems, such as undescended testicles, genetic deficiency, physical condition such as diabetes or infections such as mumps.

2. Overexposure to certain ecological factors, such as pesticides, radiation and other chemicals. In addition, everyday revelation to extreme heat, such as in saunas or hot tubs can raise core body temperature, damaging sperm production.

3. Harm associated to cancer and its treatment, including chemotherapy or radiation. Treatment for cancer can damage sperm production, sometimes severely. Exclusion of one testicle due to cancer also may affect male fertility.

4. Ovulation disorder which hamper or avert the ovaries from releasing eggs. Other core reasons may include eating disorders, excessive exercise, injury or tumors.

5. Cervical or Uterine deformity, including problems with the opening of the cervix or cervical mucus, or defects in the shape or hollow space of the uterus. Tumors in the fence of the uterus that are very common in women may also cause sterility by blocking the fallopian tubes.

6. Fallopian tube blockage, which usually results from soreness of the fallopian tube. This can result from pelvic provocative infection, usually caused by sexually transmitted virus, adhesion or endometriosis.

7. Primary ovarian deficiency, also called early on menopause, when the ovaries stop functioning and menstruation ends before age 40.

Some popular fertility products:

1. Motility Boost for Men:- A perfect nutritive supplement exclusively formulated for men who have been identified with low sperm motility. This is a 100% natural supplement which improves fertility by improving sperm motility. It is a purely Vegetarian medication and a non-prescription formula.

2. Pre – Seed Fertility Friendly Personal Lubricant:- Vaginal aridity or inadequate lubricant is a common concern in women’s sex life. Many suffer from this problem at some point of time. Pre-seed fertility friendly personal lubricant is a safe lubricant especially for women wanting to conceive. It helps in conception and does not hamper the conception process. Pre-seed lubricant is a sperm friendly lubricant which creates a helpful setting for conception.

3. Sperm check Fertility Test:- Sperm Check Test is an easy test which can be done at any point of time in the privacy and comfort of your home. Interpretation of the results of the test is much uncomplicated as you will clearly get either a positive result or a negative result. Sperm Check Test is based on sperm-specific protein in semen not just the number of cells in the semen and this is a more precise measure of sperm count.


Just as women necessitate the right balance of hormones to ovulate on a regular basis, men also need certain hormones to produce healthy and functional sperm. Surprisingly, the same essences control these reproductive functions in both men and women so the same fertility drugs that stimulate ovulation also excites sperm fabrication. A well-chosen fertility drug can surely fight against infertility and make your dream come true of being a Mom and Dad.

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