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Mosquito nets are a key defense against malaria, but they also offer protection from other diseases such as filariasis and other insects and arachnids like ticks, beetles, flies, and spiders. Mosquitoes kill more people every year around the globe than all other animals put together. Mosquito nets save lives. Malaria is transmitted by the female Anopheles mosquito that bites humans from sunset till sunrise. The Anopheles mosquito is stealthy and silent. They don’t buzz so you can’t hear them approaching. This means you are a prime target when you are most vulnerable i.e when you’re asleep. So, prevention is better than cure, act smart and buy a mosquito net for yourself.

You can buy all types of mosquito nets online.Here are our recommendations for buying a bed net that will give you the best protection.

Durable and Good Quality: The netting should be made of stiff cotton or synthetic thread to allow the movement of air. A light colored net allows you to see mosquitoes against the background.

Strong Frame: It should have a strong frame to ensures firm structure wherein you can easily sleep without feeling uncomfortable. Besides that, the zipper allows convenient entry and exit while keeping the mosquitoes out. The net is simply convenient to use.

Foldable and Portable: It should be foldable and easy to carry and store in a bag. It must be washable as well.

Spacious: Rectangular bed nets are a great option because they reduce your chance of touching the net while you sleep. It should be spacious enough for one to sleep in their natural position.

How To Use Mosquito Net ?

Chemical substances that have repellent effects enable us to go places and do things in mosquito- and disease-infested areas while avoiding disease transmission by mosquitoes. These are very easy to use :

Mosquito repellent sprays & creams : These are very easy to apply on body as directed. Spray it directly to the body parts that are exposed or the cream/oil can be applied on the exposed parts.

Mosquito net : Those who are most sensitive to any kind of repellent chemical, can use this fine net that is hung across a door or window or around the bed to keep mosquitoes away.

Anti mosquito patch : This ultra innovative patch makes you undetectable from mosquitoes. You just have to stick the patch to any body part and it works like a charm !

Mosquito killing rackets: these are the most fun and easy to use. You just have to swat the mosquitoes with this racket, and upon their contact with the net of the racket, those little suckers will get electrocuted.

Available In Market :

Numerous kind of mosquito repellents have been introduced in the market by leading brands like Bug Off, Jungle Magic, & Classic. These are well known in the market for their quality and special formula made to provide you maximum protection against mosquitoes. You can choose from the wide range of quality products from long trusted brands available on and let yourself go free from worrying about getting mosquito bites.

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