Omron HEA 230 Blood glucose Test Strips 10

Omron HEA-230 Blood glucose Test Strips-10

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Product Overview

• Provides the maximum benefit. • It is fully clean and sterilized. • Easy to dispose of after using. • Performs well with any equipment. • 1 Year Warranty

  • Used for self testing the blood sugar level
  • A component of Omron HEA-230 Blood Glucose Monitor
  • Primarily used for self testing the blood sugar level
  • Primarily used for self testing the blood sugar level

Omron HEA-230 Test Strips – 10 strips is a pack of 10 glucose testing strips that are accurate and precise. This pack is manufactured and sold by Omron and is a great product to buy if you are suffering from diabetes. As people with diabetes need to keep their blood sugar levels under check at all times, these strips will be a great help to let you keep the levels of blood sugar under control.
Design and Comfort
Omron HEA-230 Test Strips – 10 strips contains 10 test strips that will help you test your blood sugar levels. These strips are used by people with diabetes at home and health care professionals in the clinical setting, as an aid to monitor the effectiveness of diabetes control. Omron HEA-230 Test Strips are for use on the finger.
These strips are easy to use and easy to handle. They make testing of blood sugar levels super easy. You can test your blood sugar levels at home with these strips that are convenient to use and simple in style and make. This pack of 10 strips will last you a long time and you can keep on using them for a few months. As these strips are a great buy, you can buy these in bulk and store them for future use.



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