Omron Body HBF-375 Karada Scan Body Fat Analyzer

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    • Step on analyser function
    • Reading displayed are skeletal muscle pervent, fat percent and subcutaneous
    • Memory Support with 4 Memory Presets
    • 1 operation mode and comes with body fat monitor, 4 AA batteries and Instruction manual
    • 1 year manufacturer's warranty from the date of purchase
    • 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty from date of purchase
    • To claim warranty only INVOICE is mandatory, no seller stamp required.
    • If there is any extended warranty, it is applicable as per brand terms.
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Omron Body Composition Monitor HBF-375

Omron Body Composition Monitor HBF-375 is an astonishing technology for full body analysis. It analyzes the composition of body more exactly, precisely & accurately. With the help of this product, we can get to know about our body fat percentage, subcutaneous fat and visceral fat percentage. It also make us inform about skeletal muscle percentage. The weight management can be very easy with the informations provided by this product about complete body, arms, legs etc.

Additionally, we can also get knowledge about subcutaneous fats and skeletal muscle percentage. This product has the potential to display the progress in a chart. Moreover we can also see the previous results if needed. We can also confirm whether reduction in weight is correct or not by observing the variations of other body conditions except weight. The past results can be displayed about 90 days ago.

* Resting metabolism is the minimum level of energy that is required to maintain and sustain the vital and essential functions of the body despite of activity level.

* The product HBF-375 enables the display of resting metabolism and thus we can get to know about the required energy level.

* The batteries used in this body composition monitor are 4AA(R6).

* These are manganese batteries. Instead of these, alkaline batteries AA(LR6) can also be used.

* These batteries operate at room temperature of 23°C. This product has 1 year Omron India warranty.



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