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Post Workout Supplements are the key to get optimal and desired results in the gym and crucial for muscle growth and recovery. After intense exercise glycogen stores continue to stay low and protein breakdown goes up resulting in loss of muscle mass. Post Workout Nutrition help your body recover fast from intense exercise. Many bodybuilders, athletes, and trainers call nutritional supplements, the second most essential meal of the day right behind breakfast. After intense exercise, your body is depleting many vital nutrients including protein, glycogen, amino acids, vitamins and minerals. It is essential to replenish the nutrients as soon as possible to prevent muscle breakdown and promote muscle growth, repair and protein synthesis. Muscles are very dense and require a lot of calories to maintain. Post workout shake ensure that your body gets the proper nutrients to recover from an intense exercise.

Post Workout Supplements

At the end of every intense exercises session, the muscle fibers you’ve skilled are in a state of disarray. They are factually torn up from the agony you subjected them to in the gymnasium. Their levels of glycogen have been worn-out, and they’re speedily breaking down the protein they’re made up of. The good news is they’re also ready to take up whatever nutrients you give at them and turn this state of panic into an anabolic state of revival and muscle growth.

Post workouts supplements are formulated to help your muscles recuperate more speedily from sturdy gym session and intense workout. These workout supplements usually contain a combination of the ingredients like whey protein, fast-digesting carbohydrates, creatine monohydrate, L-Glutamine, vitamin and mineral complexes and antioxidant complexes. All the nutrients found in post-workout supplements help turn the body from a catabolic state, into an anabolic (muscle growth) state. These supplements improve your performance, lessen muscle soreness and pace-up your recovery time.

Post workout supplements help to quickly and efficiently refuel the muscles and then provide them with the raw materials they need to rebuild themselves to be bigger and stronger. A well-chosen post workout supplement is the key to optimal results in the gym and for muscular growth and recovery.

Why post-workout nutrition important in our routine?

It’s ironic but true, when you push yourself at the gym for an intense workout you are breaking down your muscle. Profound and heavy training like strength training and weight lifting may actually cause damage to your muscle fibers. Also, your carbohydrate and muscle protein stores start to become exhausted with high power workouts.

Without appropriate nutrition, this alteration and repletion process will come to a decline and even you may be working out harder or lifting more, you may not be seeing any outcome. If you don’t intake sufficient nutrients in your body, you cannot expect to get the desired result. By fueling your body with post workout supplements you not only help decrease inflammation and cortisol, but recover more rapidly.

Benefits of Post-workout Supplements:-

1. Many people find the need of post workout supplements to gain benefits such as building muscle and strength, burning fat and restoring tissue.

2. Post work-out supplements play a vital role in energy metabolism; it also helps you lose fat because it amplifies your workload and energy use.

3. Many of these supplements also contain a substance called glutathione which improves mental clarity and enhances energy levels at the same time.

Some Popular & Best Post-workout supplements In India:

  1. EAS Recovery Protein: The EAS Recovery protein is formulated with the newly developed Revigor HMB compound, special energy-carbohydrate blend and whey protein to assist you with post workout recovery and construct the lean muscle. This recovery product is more efficient than just Whey supplements.

  2. Weider L-Glutamine: Weider L-Glutamine is a must have fitness supplement for those who take their fitness sincerely. This amino acid helps to build muscle while also improving the functioning of the immune system. Nevertheless, as you workout, the naturally stirring glutamine reserves in your muscle deplete and supplementation becomes critical for better performance as well as recovery time.

  3. MetRx Liquid L-Carnitine 1500 with Vit B5: This is one of the most versatile post workout supplement available and this is perfect for runners, weightlifters and athletes. This supplement provides support for endurance exercise and during recovery from high intensity activities such as weightlifting and sprinting.


Post workout supplementation is significant to maximizing your growth during work-out sessions and promoting recovery. What most people are unaware of thought is that muscles aren’t built during the workout itself; rather it’s after the workout when the body is recovering from all the energy spent that the muscles begin to expand. Hence, including post workout supplements in your routine is essential as they help speed up muscle growth after all the training you’ve been through. Choose a suitable post-workout formula that meets your requirements and stay with it for at least 6 weeks to see the results.

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