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- 55% Sinew Nutrition 100% Pure L-Glutamine Powder 330gm (30gm – 10% FREE) – 60+6 Servings
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- 37% Sinew Nutrition 100% Pure L-Glutamine Powder 110gm (10gm – 10% FREE) – 20 + 2 Serving
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- 16% Nutrex Glutamine Drive 300g
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Nutrex Glutamine Drive 300g

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- 5% Ultimate Nutrition Glutapure 400g
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Ultimate Nutrition Glutapure 400g

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- 52% Sinew Nutrition Micronised Creatine Monohydrate – 300g and 100% Pure L-Glutamine Powder 330gm
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Glutamine is the amino acid (the building blocks of protein) and the primary transporter of nitrogen into your muscle cells. During strenuous exercise, it is deplete in your body, which reduces strength, stamina and muscle recovery. Glutamine Supplements Powder can reduce loss of muscle proteins and improve protein metabolism. It plays a significant role in protein synthesis and essential for optimal health. The body can synthesize this amino acid for its regular needs, but in case of certain medical conditions and extreme stress (the kind you would experience after intense exercise), your body needs more amino acids than it can make it. It is the primary energy source for your immune system. It can reduce muscle catabolism, enhance muscle anabolism, improves the immune system and glycogen storage. In athletics and bodybuilding world, it is popular as one of the best supplement.

Glutamine Supplements

The most copious of amino acids found in our body is Glutamine. It makes up over 60 percent of the skeletal muscle tissue. It is known extensively for its ability to protect the immune system and digestive system. Even if it is naturally produced by our body, its level can reduce radically when you are involved in sturdy exercise regime or a stressful lifestyle. So, to harmonize with these activities, you would need more amount of Glutamine powder which can be taken in the form of supplements. Some people take glutamine for digestive system conditions such as stomach ulcers, ulcerative colitis, and Crohn’s illness. It is also used for moodiness depression, anxiety irritability and insomnia.

Glutamines Functions in the Body

1. It is the primary supply of energy for our immune system.

2. It is transformed to Glutamic acid in our brain and promotes the synthesis of GABA, an important brain neurotransmitter. It is also believed L-Glutamine improves mental function.

3. It also maintains the structural reliability of the intestinal lining.

4. It plays a most important role in synthesizing muscle protein and cell-volumizing.

5. Glutamines also assist with blood sugar control.

How do Glutamine supplements work?

Glutamine does is play an essential role in cell volumizing, protein metabolism, increased production and secretion of Human Growth Hormone and anti-catabolism i.e. the injury and go down of muscle tissue, particularly in bodybuilders. After a passionate workout Glutamine levels reduces by as much as 50% in body. It is also been researched that Glutamine supplementation efficiently decrease muscle tissue breakdown and improves protein metabolism.

Who can get benefit from Glutamine?

Bodybuilders and strength athletes can benefit from increased intake of Glutamine because when bodybuilders workout the Glutamine levels can drop severely. Glutamine supplementation can also help in reducing the effects of muscle catabolism. Glutamine is most the choice of professionals & athletes as they can immediately take Glutamine after a workout as it helps repair the muscle. Taking Glutamine as a dietary supplement would not affect your body weight and increase it as it aims at lean mass and not the body fat. It is also useful for those who desire to burn surplus fat as it helps boost the hormone levels in our body and promotes the fat burning capacity of our body. This is evident as just 2 grams of glutamine has the capability to double the hormone of growth within 30 minutes.

The following events can indicate a need of glutamine in body:

1. Athletes and Body builders with Regular high-intensity exercise and workout sessions.

2. Person have Severe and harsh burns after an injury.

3. Some who has frequent and everyday colds and flues.

4. Intestinal dysbiosis which means irritable bowel syndrome.

5. Low muscle mass or muscle wasting.

Some Best Glutamine supplement Powder In India

  1. MuscleTech 100% Ultra-Pure Glutamine: This product is created with small quantity of Glutamine which helps out to restrict the breakdown of muscle cells and produces a setting which helps in the development of muscles. It is tasteless and odorless in nature so can be consumed easily and is wonderful for all hard core athletes and gym freaks.

  2. ON Glutamine Powder: ON Glutamine Powder is one of the finest Glutamine supplements available in the market. This supplement will result in being able to train for longer hours and that too without overstressing the muscles in any way. It not only facilitates muscle repair but also increases secretion of growth hormones. It is also well-known to develop renal acid secretion.

  3. Twinlab Glutamine Fuel: Twinlab Glutamine Fuel is formulated using excellent ingredients for effective absorption and accelerated muscle expansion. It helps in increasing growth of Hormone and enhanced Muscle Metabolism. It is a vegetarian formula a good choice for vegetarians.

 4. Inner Armour Blue Glutamine: This supplementation can persuade muscle tissue recovery supporting gains in growth and strength while improving immune function. It can be taken with water or added to protein powders and meal replacements to increase nitrogen and fortify intra-muscular glutamine levels.

  5. British Nutrition Micronized Glutamine: This supplement is particularly formulated and crafted for athletes, bodybuilders and fitness seekers. British Nutrition Micronized Glutamine can meet the post-workout nutrition demands and it also provides faster muscle recovery. It helps to reduce muscle damage speeds up recovery process and prevents muscle soreness.

  6.  Sinew Nutrition 100% Pure L-Glutamine Powder: L-Glutamine is a naturally concurring conditional essential amino acid because it is needed by our body in the largest quantity specially after the long and intense workout and it is one of the most vital components of the muscles since it aids in protein metabolism.



Glutamine helps in repairing the muscle and its tissue while keeping the level of amino acid under control. The glutamine supplements are highly favorable for those who are indulging in extreme exercises such as endurance athletes as it would lead to depletion of glutamine levels in our body. Glutamine supplements when synchronized with an efficient diet plan, deliver improved results. Taking this as a nutritional supplement will never have an effect on your body weight and increase it as it aims at lean mass and not the body fat.

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