Nutrex Anabol 5 120Caps

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  • Build muscle, get stronger and be leaner
  • Ultra potent
  • Non-Steroidal anabolic agent
  • Dietary supplement

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Anabol 5 by Nutrex is a non-steroidal, fat absorbing dietary supplement, whose ideal purpose is to provide lean muscle growth with extra hardness. Because of its non-hormonal, steroid-free feature, Nutrex Anabol 5 has tremendous potential for gaining quality weight and athletes can gain lean muscles without interfering with their normal routine. Due to this anabolic feature, this supplement has the potential to increase fat-free lean mass, also participate in increasing protein intake by muscles.

In addition, at non-steroidal level Anabol 5 helps the individual to support self protein synthesis cycle inside the the body. This property of the product stimulate anabolism and resist muscle fatigue. A rich protein diet is highly recommended for the proper utilization of of Anabol 5.

Features & Benefits

1. Non-Steroidal: Anabol-5 is a strong muscle building agent with its non-steroidal property. It maintains or enhance the anabolic phase in the system. The more the extension in anabolic phase the more is the protein intake.

2. Lean Muscle Growth: High anabolic activity with anti catabolic event helps to stimulate high protein intake a muscle can synthesize and resulting in Lean muscle growth.

3. Stimulate Protein Synthesis: This supplement upregulates the self building cycle of protein inside the body. It works on anabolic activity level that can be enhanced with the maximum protein intake in muscles.

4. Multi Tasking: Anabol 5 Has many applications like, it support muscles with size and strength, it can be taken during a cutting cycle in order to preserve lean muscle tissue, also it gives good quality muscle.

5. Fast Acting Capsule: The liquid capsules are easy and fast acting on anabolic response system. It is ideal to take in the morning or after finishing the workout session.

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