Muscletech Essential Glutamine Powder 302 gm

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  • Contains the highest quality HPLC tested pure glutamine at a better value than competitors
  • Perfectly tasteless, odorless and mixes effortlessly on its own or into any other product
  • Replenish plasma glutamine

Muscletech Essential Glutamine Powder

Platinum 100 percent casein platinum 100 percent casein uses only ultra pure, cold pressed micro filtered casein micelles, unlike other formulas that add other inferior forms of casein into their formula, platinum 100 percent casein delivers 24g of the purest form of casein protein you can feel your body in every scoop micellar casein.

Alpha s1 casein the most abundant of the four casein fractions, it may be involved in the transport of casein from the endoplasmic reticulum to the golgi apparatus. Alpha S2 casein a hydrophilic fraction of the casein micelle. Beta casein this fraction may have various biological functions and can yield bioactive peptides.

Moreover, beta casein contains hydrophilic and hydrophobic sections, which are important in the physical interactions of miceller formation. Kappa casein this fraction stabilizes the delicate casein micelle and helps prolong the digestion of your platinum 100 percent casein shake for a more stable amino acid supply.

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