• Heart diseases-Lycopene stops LDL cholesterol from being oxidized by free radicals and in turn cannot be deposited in the plaques which narrows and hardens the arteries
  • Infertility-Research suggests that lycopene may help in the treatment of infertility. Results from tests showed that lycopene can boost sperm concentration in men
  • Helps prevent diabetes
  • Prevents age-related macular degeneration and cataracts
  • Prevents the aging of skin and keeps it younger looking
  • Acts as an internal sunscreen and protects your skin from sunburn

Lycograce & Wheat Germ Oil 500Mg Capsules

Lycopene is a nutrient that holds promise as a wonderful antioxidant. Lycopene belongs to the carotenoid family, which includes beta-carotene, lutein and zeanthin. Further studies have demonstrated higher fruit and vegetable intake, which in turn increases lycopene intake, helps lower prostate cancer risk antioxidant activity

Lycopene is the pigment that gives certain fruits their red coloring. This carotenoid is believed to have strong antioxidant powers, with some studies showing a reduced risk of cancer, cardiovascular disease and macular degeneration. Many health benefits it provides such as a cancer fighting agent and a powerful antioxidant.Lycopene is also been known to help prevent osteoporosis.

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