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Many pillows do not supply support to the natural curve of the neckline, thus creating or contributing to neck pain and cervical. However, a pillow should support the back of your neck and the back of the head. Cervical support pillows offer much needed relief to a cervical spine. Having an accommodating pillow helps alleviate pain by altering the arc of the cervical spine. A cervical pillow keeps the neck and head aligned with the spinal column while sleeping.

Cervical pillows functions by improving your neck posture while you sleep. It also helps improve sleep by relieving stiff muscles between the neck and shoulders. Because of the relief of rigid muscles and improved blood flow to the brain, cervical pillows frequently help in relieving migraines and headaches. Unlike standard pillows, cervical pillows aid support the cervical spine whether you are on the back or the side.

To choose the best pillow, think about how you sleep most often. If you have a habit of sleeping at side, you’ll gain most from, cervical rolls, side pillows and neck pillows. For people sleeping at their back, try, neck pillows cradle pillows and comfort pillows. Whatsoever pillow you select, evade buying a pillow that is too small or too large as that may reduce the pillow’s capacity to offer the support you need.

Benefits of a Cervical Pillow:

  1. Cervical pillows are typically prepared with memory foam, which is exceptional at compressing and decompressing around your neck and head. Memory foam provides advanced ergonomic support and a brilliant night’s sleep. It is perfect in supporting tensed muscles and soothing the pain.

  2. A suitable fitted cervical pillow helps in maintaining the normal cervical curve when resting on your back. This allows the ligaments and muscles to rest, regain their normal length and repair. In side-lying position, the pillow prevents perverted side-bending of the neck.

Effective Pillows available online:

  1. OSIM uSnooz Neck Pillow:- The OSIM uSnooz Neck Pillow is formulated for an enhanced neck support for people with cervical and neck pain. Taking naps in bad sleeping posture is the reason of stiff necks. Waking up to these neck aches destabilizes the benefits of power napping. With this amazing pillow, you can wake up sensing more recharged and refreshed. Crafted to conform to the contours of your neck and head, the memory foam in this Pillow gives incredible support so you can have a quiet and clam rest.

  2. Flamingo Contoured Cervical Pillow:- This orthopedic pillow provides correct posture to head, neck and shoulder while sleeping or lying on bed. Doctors and orthopedics also recommend this contoured pillow support during rest or sleep. It averts you from any neck problems and helps in fast revival during cervical spondylosis. Flamingo Contoured pillow helps in supporting shoulders and avoid neck and shoulder troubles. It comprises different height on two sides make it beneficial for side sleeping positions.

  3. Paramount PSL Neck Pillow:- Paramount PSL Travel Pillow is designed for extra support and comfort for the fatigued and weary travelers. This is a perfect solution of relaxing as you read or sleep while commuting locally or travelling by air. This neck pillow handles your neck firmly, providing comfort and relieving pressure.

  4. OSIM Sona Pillow:- OSIM Sona Pillow is designed by a renowned neurologist and sleep-tested in US clinical trials. This pillow lets you sleep contentedly on your side, positioning your jaw a little forward to help you maintain your airway open. This result a better night’s sleep for you without any exertion on your neck and spine. The OSIM Sona pillow is known to give you results the very first night you use it.


Patients with spinal conditions causing head, neck, and shoulder or arm pain gain most from the use of a cervical pillow. However, patients without these signs can also gain advantage from a defensive standpoint. Quick comfort and relief are always desirable for the patient and the doctor, and comfort is achieved quickly with the help of cervical pillow in most of the cases. However, one should know that positive effects of cervical pillows increase over time. If your Doctor advises you a cervical pillow, use it to your assistance to enhance the chiropractic care you are receiving. A cervical pillow that restricts changes in sleeping postures and places more pressure on the back of the neck than on the back of the head might actually cause neck problem. So don’t use a cervical pillow if it causes uneasiness of any kind.

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