Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

Wrist BP monitors can be precise if used exactly the way it is directed. Wrist blood pressure monitors are very sensitive to body position so positioning is very crucial. To get a precise reading when taking your blood pressure with a wrist monitor, your arm and wrist must be precisely at heart level. After that also, BP measurements taken at the wrist are typically higher and less precise than those taken at your arm because the wrist arteries are narrower than and not as profound under your skin as those of the forearm.

Many patients who use home blood pressure monitors choose apparatus that use a wrist cuff. This is because the wrist is often easy and effortless to use than the upper arm, and does not need to roll up sleeves or remove shirt to allow the machine to gain contact to the testing spot In addition, wrist blood pressure monitors creates less uneasiness during screening.

Using Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor for Checking Blood Pressure at Home?

Wrist blood pressure monitors are very simple to use, but are subjected to inaccuracies from inaccurate body positioning. If you use a wrist BP monitor, take blood pressure measurements lying flat of floor or a hard surface or when the person is sitting in a chair with the arm and wrist resting on a table – level with the heart.

Safety Tips:-

  1. Do not use the BP Monitor on infants or persons who cannot express their approval.

  2. Do not use the Machine for any reason other than measuring blood pressure.

  3. Avoid using a cellular phone, or other devices that emit electromagnetic fields as this may result in wrong operation of the unit.

  4. Avoid, drinking, eating smoking or exercising for at least 30 minutes before taking a measurement.

Popular & Best Wrist BP Monitors available online In India

  1. Omron BP Monitor Wrist (HEM-6111):- The OMRON Automatic Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor HEM-6111 assists you in monitoring your blood pressure in comfort of your home. It is a compact, completely automatic and lightweight blood pressure monitoring mechanism that makes blood pressure monitoring easy even when you are on the go. The Machine comes with 1 year Manufacturer Warranty.

  2. JSB DBP04 Digital Blood Pressure Wrist Monitor:- Just not the JSB DBP04 Digital Blood Pressure Wrist Monitor cost efficient, it is also opportune to use because it employs a wrist cuff. It computes the average of the last 3 readings, giving you a more accurate reading for your blood pressure and pulse. It comes with an automatic On/Off setting that also comes in energy competent and comes with a Blood Pressure Classification indicator.

  3. Beurer Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor (BC 44):- Beurer Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor (BC 44) is satisfactory for people with wrist perimeter 14-19.5 cm. This machine is also able to detect Arrhythmia. A storage bag is given for carrying it easily on the move. It comprises a built in auto switch off option as well. The results of this Beurer Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor are accurate and instant.

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