Healthgenie white Electric Blanket DOUBLE bed Under, 3 stage x2 controllers , size(160×140 cm) UBD 104 washable

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  • Three stage temperature settings : UBS blanket is controlled with a remote controller and gives users a choice to choose from different intensity of warmth ranging from level 0-1-2-3 that can be set as per your convenience.
  • Double Helix Heating: UBS under blanket comes with a double helix heating wire with a sensor and over locked edging which helps in proper circulation of heat
  • Easy to Use
  • Highly Power-efficient: It consumes 60W x2 power which allows you to reduce your electricity bill up to Rs.1341/month when compared to a room heater

Healthgenie Electric Blanket Under Bed Double UBD 104

UBD 104 gives you total Safety patented sleep guardian technology. Moreover, this has the complete over-heat protection system. It is made from a luxurious soft fabric with White polyester, fits inside the duvet cover or between the sheets. The digital control has 3 easy temperature settings, for both pre heat and for all night use. When you are ready for bed, select your chosen temperature and it will be maintained precisely all night regardless of temperature changes. The digital control cleverly minimizes energy consumption. This lead to cozy, relaxed and sound sleep sleep every night.

Design: Its is made up of White Polyester fabric. Can use the blanket all night.
Temperature Control: 3 type of heat settings are there in way 0-1-2-3, so that your electric blanket can be used on colder and warmer evenings. Safe and comfortable: The under blanket produces mild heat continuously as continuous severe heat could lead to body burns. This ensures a soothing heating experience for overnight usage.

Ensures Sound Sleep: For a soothing and comfortable experience turn the blanket on at its full heat before 30-60 minutes to bed to pre-warm the bed and ensure that blanket is placed over the bed properly to avoid heat loss and then adjust the heating level as per your comfort while sleeping.

Highly Power-efficient: It consumes 60 watt power per hour which allows you to reduce your electricity bill up to Rs.3500/ month when compared to a room heater. Every day usage of under blankets costs you 108 Rs/month whereas regular usage of room heater costs 3600 Rs/ month approximately which makes this under blanket highly power efficient.

Warranty- Comes with 12 months warranty. For a trouble free product usage, we would request you to activate the Warranty of your product within 30 days of the product delivery on the following link

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  1. Rated 4 out of 5

    Good product

    we are using this blanket these days.we connect to electricity half an hour before we get into bed’ ;it gets fully charged in half an hour.we like it very much

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