Healthgenie Foldable Mosquito Net Single Bed – Pink, With Repair Kit of 7 Patches Included

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  • Healthgenie mosquito net is made of polyster fabric and finest mesh which ensures super quality 
  • Light weighted net makes it convenient for users to take it along while travelling.
  • Dimension- 200 x 120 x 145 cm

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* Indeed it a full protection package which doesn’t allows mosquitoes or flies to enter through it as well as prevents you from the diseases which can be caused by mosquito bites as well.
* Finest mesh of the net doesn’t allow flies or mosquitoes to enter through it so no mosquito bites no mosquito sounds and a pleasant ambience to sleep in.
* Being very much light weighted makes it easy to set-up and uninstall as well as it can be taken anywhere where while travelling as well.
* Its feature of being foldable makes it easy to install and uninstall as well as it can be easily placed in a bag and can be carried anywhere and can be setup within seconds.

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Healthgenie single bed mosquito net

Healthgenie single bed mosquito net ensures 100 percent protection against mosquitoes, flies and other insects. This easy to install net with one of the finest mesh ensures that nothing can enter through this mesh. So it doesn’t allow mosquitoes to enter through it and prevents you from deadly diseases like dengue, malaria caused by mosquitoes, insect bites.

It comes with foldable facility and is very much light weighted which allows the users to carry it while travelling or using it at home easily. So now there is no need of finding bamboos and hooks to make a mosquito net on outings simply put this net in small bag. This light weighted easy to carry net can be installed anywhere any time.

The net creates a comfort zone for sleeping and ensures a sound sleep for babies. The spacious net have large zipper gates which allows easy entry and exits. Net comes in many different colours to choose from which gives buyers a choice to purchase their favourite colour so that it could enhance their décor as well.


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200 x 120 x 130 cm

Multi Pack


2 reviews for Healthgenie Foldable Mosquito Net Single Bed – Pink, With Repair Kit of 7 Patches Included


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  1. Rated 4 out of 5

    comfortable mosquito net

    Nice and comfortable mosquito net, no need of pipes and nails, just open it, it will take its shape automatically, and its ready

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Good product

    Good product and it does what is promised. I would definitely recommend this product. This is a lot better solution than applying all kinds of anti-mosquito creams etc.

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