Healthgenie Oxygen Concentrator HG-501 – Oxygen Outflow 5 Litres/Minute

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  • Flow Range: 5L/min Oxygen Concentration: ≥95% Input Power: ≤600VA
  • Maximum Outlet Pressure: 45kPa±4.5kPa Pressure Relief Mechanism Operational at: 250kPa±25kPa
  • Internally Burnt device due to fluctuation or miss us shall void its warranty hence please use at online UPS to protect the device . Please note this product is not a life saving device but only a assisting device. Pure oxygen is flammable hence please keep away from fire sources like heaters, electrical sparks etc.
  • We provide a 24 month warranty included with this oxygen concentrator. (Carry in warranty at Delhi). You can buy extended warranty for additional 12 Months by paying Rs. 4800. Very easy to install and can be done by any family member. The machine has the total running hours which is displayed for tracking usage.
  • Running Time (20-25 hrs) on the product indicates that the product has been tested to ensure detailed quality check and authenticity".

Healthgenie Oxygen Concentrator HG-501

Healthgenie Oxygen Concentrator 7f-5 oxygen concentrator is a sophisticated equipment which is specifically designed for domestic use. It is an electronically driven equipment that segregates oxygen from your room air. It further offers high accumulation of oxygen to you via a nasal cannula. According to various clinical surveys oxygen concentrator is similar to various other oxygen distribution systems. It comes along with a user manual that makes it’s functioning and usage easy to comprehend for the user.

Key Features:
1. Flow Range: 1~5L/min
2. Oxygen Concentration: ≥95%
3. Maximum Outlet Pressure: 45kPa±4.5kPa
4. Pressure Relief Mechanism Operational at: 250kPa±25kPa
5. Altitude: Up to 1828 meters above sea level without degradation of concentration levels. From 1828 meters to 4000meters below 90% efficiency.
6. Sound Level: ≤55dB(A)
7. Input Power: ≤600VA
8. Weight: 26kg
9.. Dimension: 44.5×37.2×68(cm3)
10. Minimum Operating Time: 30minutes

Accessories List:
1. Nasal oxygen cannula: 1 set
2. Filter core: 1 set
3. Humidifier bottle: 1 set
4. Humidifier bottle adapter (including tube): 1 set
5. Manual: 1 piece.

We provide a 24 month warranty with this oxygen concentrator. (Applicable only in Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata , Delhi). In order to reap the best benefits even after expiry date, pay 4000/- for warranty extension and enjoy the usage. You will require a submission of 1000/- at the time of installation. For city other than Delhi, we offer an exclusive off site warranty along with the product.

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Amazing Product

    This is a noiseless and portable oxygen generating machine. As compared to other machines which I saw in the market this one makes very less noise and generates good amount of oxygen. I would very much recommend this one for anyone who needs oxygen machine at home. You would be saving on lit of money as compared to the oxygen cylinders. And you never know when the oxygen would be over in cylinders but here till the electricity supply is there the machine can generate oxygen.

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