Healthgenie ICE BAG used for First Aid, Sports Injury, Pain Relief, Cold Therapy

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  • Reaches to any contours of body,Economical, Light-weight, Reusable and Children-friendly
  • Comfortable to use,Water repellent body,Plastic neck fitting,Ready-to-use anywhere you go
  • Recommended by doctors and physio therapists,Reduces body temperature during high fever.
  • Suitable in High Fever, Muscular Injuries, Sprains, Relieve Pain and Swelling from Bruises, Widely Used by Sports Person
  • Color selection option is not available.We will dispatch any of the colored ice bag from our selection

Healthgenie Ice Bag

Healthgenie ice bag is an easy resort when encountered a sprain or muscle pull or hamstring. It provides instant relief from the excruciating pain with easy application. All one needs to do is to fill the ice bag with some ice and directly dab or rotate the ice bag on the surface of the pain. The part of the body from where the pain emanates can directly be dealt with easy application of this icebag.

Healthgenie icebag comes handy with a 9 inch body that has space for good amount of ice to store. It reaches to any contours of body,economical, light-weight, reusable and children-friendly.This ice bag is also comfortable to use and comprises of water repellent body.

It has plastic neck fitting,Ready-to-use anywhere you go. It is largely recommended by doctors and physio therapists,and reduces body temperature during high fever.

Suitable in high Fever, muscular Injuries, sprains, relieve pain and swelling from bruises, It is widely used by sports personalitites.

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  1. Rated 4 out of 5

    really good product

    This is a really handy product for cold press. Enables to carry ice anywhere, even on bed, in order to apply on the affected area. Good to buy.

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