Coconut 100
Coconut 100
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  • Premium quality food grade coconut shell activated charcoal which can be easily used both for internal and external applications.
  • The product can be easily used by both males and females.
  •  Teeth Whitener : Simply wet your toothbrush and dip in powdered activated charcoal. Brush & rinse well.
  •  Treats Hangovers : Activated Charcoal quickly removes other toxins that contributes to hangovers.
  •  Cleaning Molds : Activated Charcoal can be easily used to clean molds off hard surfaces. Ensure you wear a mask to prevent inhaling toxic mold.
  •  For Skin Health : Relieves discomfort from insect bites, rashes. Take a pinch of Activated Charcoal and mix in coconut oil, dab on affected area. Reapply after every 30 minutes.
  • Digestive Cleanse : Take 10 grams of activated charcoal, 90 minutes prior to each meal for 2 days to complete a digestive cleanse.
  • Can be used as a Face Mask & Hair Mask : For face mask, mix Activated Charcoal with some water & honey to make a paste and apply once in a week to get wrinkle free and a glowing skin. To get shiny strong hair mix Activated Charcoal with coconut or any other oil to use as a hair mask once a week.
  •  Gas & Bloating : Mix it with your favourite drink to reduce gas and bloating.

Healthgenie Activated Charcoal Premium Powder brings to you a quality Coconut Charcoal made from charred coconut shells from which the oxygen content has been removed. It’s toxin removal capability ensures a better nutrient absorption by the body. It has higher adsorption capacity.

It can be actively used to do a digestive cleanse, reduces gas and bloating, treats hangovers. Since Healthgenie Activated Charcoal Premium Powder is food grade, it is easily consumable and works as a great detoxifier too.




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