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Healthgenie 100% Silk, Super Smooth Sleep Mask with Adjustable Strap and Blind Fold Eye Mask (Black) – Pack of 3

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Lowest Price: ₹ 542 on Updated: January 12, 2021 2:29 pm

Healthgenie 100 percent silk, super soft eye mask with adjustable strap, blindfold (black) is the perfect solution for those who can't get a proper sleep due to exposure to light during sleep. If you constantly toss and turn and can’t sleep at night, then this is the solution for you. Did you know that exposure to light during sleep can interfere with your sleep cycle preventing you from the long and deep night’s rest needed to function at your best? Healthgenie silk eye mask completely blocks out all light and visual stimuli so that you can nap or sleep soundly anywhere. This super soft eye mask is almost like having your own personal black-out curtains. The healthgenie eye mask uniquely contours to your face and eyelids for maximum sleeping comfort. Look and feel well-rested, refreshed, and energetic every day. The adjustable head strap will never get tangled with your hair and its design allows for a relaxing and rejuvenating sleep in every possible position you prefer. Why healthgenie 100 percent silk, super soft eye mask? The super soft silk material makes you feel restful without putting any pressure to your face. Block unwanted light, improves insomnia and helps to get long run sleep every night. Excellent for travelling, shift workers and sleeping during the day. Adjustable head strap won’t get tangled in your hair in any sleep position.



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