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KARE IN Adult Diapers Medium 200pcs / 20packs Size 76-114cm (30″- 45″)
3 years ago
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Incofit Adult Diapers (Premium)-Extra Large pack of 120
5741 5740
478/10 units of Diaper

Incofit Adult Diapers (Premium)-Extra Large pack of 120

Rated 4.50 out of 5
3 years ago
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Kare Med Adult UNDER PAD – Free Size pack of 1
471 470
470/10 units of Diaper

Kare Med Adult UNDER PAD – Free Size pack of 1

3 years ago
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- 71% Incofit UNDER SHEET pack of 30
2700 789
263/10 units of Diaper

Incofit UNDER SHEET pack of 30

Rated 4.00 out of 5
3 years ago
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- 39% Paramount Comfymax Premium Adult Diapers, Large – Pack of 120, (101cm-150cm | 40″-59″)
3 years ago
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- 31% Paramount Comfymax Premium Adult Diaper, Extra Large – Pack of 60, (127cm-170cm | 50″-67″)
3 years ago
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- 16% Incofit Premium Adult Diapers-Large, Pack of 40
1550 1299
325/10 units of Diaper

Incofit Premium Adult Diapers-Large, Pack of 40

3 years ago
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- 8% Incofit Adult Diapers (Premium)-Extra Large pack of 30
1650 1510
503/10 units of Diaper

Incofit Adult Diapers (Premium)-Extra Large pack of 30

3 years ago
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Adult Diapers

An Adult Diaper is scientifically designed and clinically approved product that is basically worn by the old aged people who have been suffering from problems, such as incontinence, mobility injury, severe diarrhea and severe dementia. This kind of diaper is specially designed to be worn by an adult, hence the name adult diaper. Adult diaper is made of various types of leakage protective and comfortable materials that are very convenient for users. Using Adult Diapers is a medication-free way to help incontinent people stay free and feel relaxed when they go out in public.. There are various types of adult diapers available in the market, such as briefs; brief with cloth like backing; brief with plastic backing; Briefs with refasten-able tabs ; Briefs with non-refasten able tabs; Briefs for Overnight; Briefs for Day Use; Bariatric Briefs; Pull-ups; Pull-ups With Refasten able Tabs; Reusable Adult Diapers; Belted Undergarments; Fecal Incontinence Incontinence Products and Swim Diapers.

Qualities of Best Adult Diapers:

1. Cost effectiveness:- It is the most important thing when you are going to purchase an adult diaper. You should choose the best quality of diapers with long lasting nature at an affordable price.

2. User Friendly:- Adult diaper must be easy to use and comfortable in nature which protects from skin irritation and rash, when you are wearing diapers for a long time.

3. Free from odor:- You have to choose a high quality diaper which has made with layered system that will effectively keep the diaper odor free during leakage absorption.

4. As per preference:- Always choose the right type of diaper which contains an extra absorption level, leakage protective feature as well as easily fit under clothes without delivering a bulky look.

Adult Diaper FAQ’s

Q. What is an Adult Diaper?
It is a diaper specially constructed to be worn by elder people (anyone with a body larger than that of an infant or a toddler).

Q. Are Adult Diapers available in different sizes?
Adult diapers are usually available in small, medium, large and extra large sizes. Diaper from good companies have elastic at the sides to improve the fit and prevent leakage.

Q. Can I lead a relatively normal life wearing an Adult Diaper?
Yes, if the illness that has occurred the urinary incontinence has not bedridden you, the use of an adult diaper will make you feel secure and resume normal daily activities like walking, shopping, going out to visit etc.

Q. What are the different categories of people who should use Adult Diapers?

1. A person who has urinary incontinence.

2. A person who suffers from Stress Incontinence.

3. A person who is hospitalized and bedridden or in a wheelchair.

4. A person who cannot go to toilets independently even if they don’t have incontinence.

5. A person with mental disorders (cognitive impairment) as he/she may not understand their need to go the toilet.

Q. What is Urinary Incontinence?
It is the involuntary release of urine. It is a normal problem that causes a lot of distress and adversely affects the quality of life of the person suffering from it.

Q. What is stress incontinence? Why do I leak urine while exercising, sneezing, laughing or coughing?
Stress incontinence is the leakage of urine when there is pressure on the abdomen. The activities mentioned above, such as coughing, laughing and sneezing, put extra pressure on the abdomen muscles. Loosening of the pelvic muscles due to excessive smoking, childbirth, strenuous repetitive work as well as a hereditary tissue weakness can lead to this urine leakage in pressure situations.

Q. How can the use of an Adult Diaper help in the situation?
People with stress incontinence are often scared of social interactions and gatherings as they do not know when they will wet their clothes.; wearing an adult diaper can give them that sense of security and safety and help them resume normal activities.

Q. Is the use of adult diapers recommended for hospitalized patients?
Yes, because nowadays there are innumerable infections that can be found everywhere especially in hospitals, the use of an adult diaper for a patient unable to use the toilet will significantly reduce their chances of contracting an infection through the use of a bedpan.

Q. How should I Choose the right adult diaper?
A high quality adult diaper should have high absorption power, comfortable fit, leak guards to prevent leakage and should be from a reputed company in the medical/healthcare field.

Best Selling Brands of Adult Diaper:

Paramount Incofit :- Incofit Premium Adult Diaper Large is the best solution to the problem of incontinence and the inability to exercise control over the bladder and the bowel. Ideal for patients suffering from prostate disorder, piles, incontinence, diabetics, urology patients, bedridden and disabled patients. It has special Acquisition Distribution Layer (ADL) and wet indicator. ADL enables the diaper to be dry and comfortable at all times whereas the wet indicator displays the switch in the colour of the wet indicator from yellow to blue when used. There are other problems that the old aged as due to the growing age and pertaining sickness. This is where incofit diaper comes in place. Waist band renders much needed support and elasticity to the individual on use. It is mildly perfumed so that the user gets a positive aroma on usage. This diaper enables the individual to relieve in order to avoid the pressure on the bladder. Best raw material is gone into the making of this diaper which comprises of phenomenal features like that of leak guards, back lamination sheet etc. which provides the person with much comfort and easy usage.This Incofit Premium Diaper comprises of superior absorbency polymer which in turn results fluid into gel which gives the individual best class and comfort.

Paramount Comfymax:- This adult diaper allows an individual to feel dry and comfortable at all times and the change in colour shows the excess absorption of water respectively. Superior Absorbency Polymer turns fluid into gel with providing no discomfort at all. These polymers can absorb as much as water, by converting it into gel and holding it for long without causing any discomfort.The inner absorbent pad allows the easy absorption even when the pad is to be thoroughly utilized to it’s maximum utilization. Wetness indicator alerts the user to the state of the diaper. It’s Acquisition distribution Layer are designed to improve fluid distribution in hygienic products. ADL have excellent hydrophobic properties and consequently can accelerate the absorption and distribution of fluid.

Drip Free:- It offers an ultimate solution for an incontinence medical purpose as well as are the high absorbent diaper for bladder weakness. These are made of super absorbent polymer that quickly soak up fluid and helps to keep you dry.

Friends:- This brand is especially designed for adult incontinence. These diapers decrease odour, leakage and rashes. Friends Adult Diaper is flippable, flippable fold-able in nature. These are very easy to wear and carry as well. It offers ultimate comfort. It is made with a non-woven fabric that keeps you ultra dry. These diapers come in various sizes. It offers easy fitting. You can use it under your cloth and it does not have bulky appearance.


Adult diapers are specially designed for people who have problems with incontinence and in controlling the urinary bladder. These types of diapers can change your life and give privileges to live happy and healthy life. Now, with the help of these adult diapers, no need to worry for embarrassment. These products keep you hygienic and ultra dry all the time.

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