Diabetes Lancing Devices

Diabetes Lancing devices are used to take samples of blood for glucose testing with the help of a lancet. Modern lancing devices work like a sewing machine, they very quickly push a small needle called a lance outwards and then retract it nearly instantly. The objective is to puncture your finger so fast your nerve cells won’t even realize what happened.

Many lancets and lancing devices are interchangeable and all are intended to reduce the pain and increase the easiness of getting a blood sample. Since self-testing is done on a regular basis, any device that enhances the convenience and lessens pain is a welcomed device. While using a lancet and lancing machine, you must clean and sanitize your finger with alcohol first.

Safety tips while using a Diabetes Lancing Device

Lancets must be disposed of appropriately. Don’t dispose them away in your usual trash and junks. Lancets can tear through a garbage bag—and stab or poke someone. You can accumulate the clear plastic cartridge a lot of lancets are wrapped in to use for disposal, or you may throw them away in a sharps container. These are made of plastic (they can be as simple as a milk or detergent jug with a secure top) and sealed so no one accidentally gets stuck and/or exposed to blood borne disease. On that note, remember that no one else but you should use your lancing device.

Some lancing devices that may fit your requirements

  1. Vital Lancing Device:- Vital Lancing Device is used for collecting blood samples in the easiest way. It is chiefly used for diabetic testing; this machine has 5 adjustment options for safety and precision. It has a unique and ergonomic design making it very comfortable and trouble-free to use.

  2. Accu-Chek Softclix Kit:- Accu-Chek Softclix Kit has been proven to be the least painful method of diabetic test. The Lancing machine uses an extremely accurate motion and a well polished surface to make lancing almost pain free. Accu-Chek Softclix is the blood sugar-testing device. The pen like style makes it different and easy to use.

  3. JSB Adjustable Lancing Device:- JSB Adjustable Lancing Device is a pen like Mechanism with active needle withdrawal. It is formulated with clixmotion skill that directs the lancet movement, keeps a notice on needle oscillation and extreme tissue damage.

  4. Pulsatom Safe Care Auto Lancing Device:- Pulsatom Safe Auto Lancing Device is an easy way for any diabetes patient to obtain blood sample for investigating glucose level. It facilitates in reaching to precise depth and aids in judging regulatory dosage necessary for insulin further. It has the capability to attain required depth to take out capillary blood for sampling.

  5. Perfecxa Diabascan Lancing Device: This Device is ergonomically crafted to offer faultless grip while sampling and the accurate penetration to make sure the pain is minimal. The 5 depth settings in this lancing device make it trouble-free to penetrate through all kinds of skin such as soft, thick skin and average types. The device comes with a compact design and is really easy to use.


For some people, sugar testing can be the toughest and painful part of diabetes management. Multiple finger sticks can be painful and annoying. However, these days the lancing devices available can make drawing blood less painful and instant. Opting, the right lancing device is very important for people with diabetes because multiple blood checks are part of daily diabetes management, so a lancing machine which is ease of use and making the process as painless as possible must be the considerations.

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