Chaiology Darjeeling Whole Leaf Black Tea, 600g (300 Cups)

Chaiology Darjeeling Black Tea, 600g (300 Cups) | 100% Natural Loose Leaf Tea

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  • Hand-plucked and produced in high elevation tea plantations in the Darjeeling
  • Direct from source and garden fresh, sourced directly from tea plantations
  • The colour of the tea is light and clear with bright liquor, the leaves have a floral scent, with a lively character
  • Handpicked harvests of first flush season 2018, (FTGFOP1) finest tippy golden flowery orange pekoe
  • Rich in antioxidants and minerals power house, induces calmness, increase mental alertness, Keeps you active

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Chaiology Darjeeling Black Tea, 600g (300 Cups)

This the world’s 2nd expensive tea after Matcha. This is because of it’s amazing intensity of fresh, fragrant, flavour in the honey-colored liquor and lingering finish makes Darjeeling black tea unique. This tea has a lovely sweetness and quality that is a characteristic of the first flush . it’s 100% natural exclusive Darjeeling tea, hand-plucked and produced in high elevation tea plantation in the Darjeeling

Steeping process :

(a) Place 1 tea spoon (2gm) full of whole tea leaves in a cleaned empty pot.

(b) Boil the (200ml) water, pour into the pot, and cover the pot with the lid.

(c)Let it brew for 3 to 5 minutes.The duration will depend on how strong you want the liquor to be.

(d)Strain and serve.

Origin : Darjeeling

Taste : Very light. ( being first flush)

Flavor : Floral scent

Liquor color : Honey



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