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When your baby has first set of tooth breaks through the gums is called teething. Occurs usually around your baby’s 6th month. Nevertheless, it is unusual for teething to begin anytime between 3 months to 1 year of age. At the age of 3, your baby will have all of his/her 20 primary teeth. Generally, the lower front teeth come out first, whereas the upper front teeth come out about 1 to 2 months later.

Signs of Teething

  1. You will notice some changes in your baby’s behavior indicate that your baby is teething. Because of the discomfort in the gums like itchiness, soreness, or swelling Your baby might become fussier. These signs of teething start about 3 to 5 days before a tooth can be seen.

  2. In addition, you might notice your baby biting on his/her fingers or toys to help ease the discomfort in their gums.

  3. Drooling is another telltale sign of teething. It can cause a rash on your baby’s chin or chest so be make sure to wipe your baby’s drool immediately.

Relieving the Symptoms of Teething

  1. Teething gels can be applied to numb the gums. While most health experts agree that teething gels may be used somewhat, you must consult your doctor first before applying teething gels to your baby’s gums.

  2. Teething gels contain ingredients like benzocaine and lidocaine that can be hazardous if not used properly. These ingredients are known to cause a baby’s throat to become numb when frequently consumed. Benzocaine and lidocaine can also be toxic if large quantities build up in your baby’s body.

  3. If your baby is cranky and chews on everything in sight – including your fingers and if you have a baby that is experiencing teething symptoms. You may not see any little white teeth poking out of the gums; a little one may still be in a lot of pain that can lead to a lot of crying.

  4. In order to get your little one to stop crying and being fussy while teething, you require comforting those little sore gums. This is why your baby is trying to chew on everything he can get. Unfortunately, teething toys can help relieve a lot of the pain your baby is experiencing. Teething toys come in several different varieties and you should actually buy a few different teethers for the baby to use.

  5. It is essential for the babies to put everything they lay their eyes on their mouth. From baby mats to toys and from their toys to their own thumbs, nothing escapes their mouth. As charming as it may seem these actions are unhygienic and can cause the health problems for the vulnerable infant.

Baby Teether is the best option to avoid such problems of the child. With the onset of baby, teething it becomes imperative to select a good baby teether to soothe the aching gums. When a child starts teething his/her gums it will constantly become a source of pain and will irritate him.

Pacifying children when they are very young can be a task in itself as you will not be able to understand the real reason for their impatience. This is reason , pacifiers and baby soothers are used ex, as they will give the infants a reassurance that they get when they suckle from their mom. Once the tiny tot’s begin to teeth, they can become annoying. To soothe them of this irritation babies normally tends to chew on things they can get. The slight pressure that the chewing offers will give relief to the tender gums. In the market, you can find various kinds of tethers and soothers that are BPA free and made of food grade material easily on the online website. These products belonging to several brands that are safe for babies. Healthgenie.in gives you a wonderful experience of online shopping without any problems.

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