A lot goes into your mind when you are selecting the toy for your child like the price of the toy, the safety of the toy, how useful it will be and many more question. No one wants just another piece of useless artifact lying around your house amidst a heap of other such toys. Therefore, all the planning needs to be done before and while buying the toy to select the best choice for your child.

Below are some tips that will help you in buying a right toy for your child.


1. Avoid toys with small parts:- Small parts may prove to be hazardous for both the toy and the baby especially newborn. Swallowing small parts could make your baby choke. Therefore, displacing the small parts could render the toy. You should preferably select toys that have larger parts which are easier to assemble and difficult to dismantle.


2. Select exciting toys:- Go for exciting toys. Choose toys that appeal to his ears by its music, to his eyes by toy’s flashing light and it should also smell good to his nose. All the senses develop rapidly in a growing child and thus it is imperative that you select toys that appeal to them and help them in their development. Also, selecting interesting toys ascertains that your child will not get bored of them easily and will be interested by it each time he/she picks it up.


3. Check the toy:- A little analysis about the toy you have selected is always a good idea. Search for sources on the Internet and know more about the relevance. Look for user comments and feedback on toy whether they find the toy useful or not it gives you the idea of the uses and the drawbacks of the toy you are about to select.


4. Purchase durable toys:- It is necessary to buy toys that will last longer to avoid over-expenditure. Go for quality build material when selecting a toy online because good material will result in toys that are more robust.


5. Get the toys that are safe:- Thoroughly check the toy must meet all the required safety standards. Plastic and wooden toys both have different standards of security and it is mandatory they meet it.


6. Read the instructions properly:- This is probably the basic rule of buying a right toy however; the most underrated and overlooked. Read instruction given on the box always before buying a toy and the instruction manual. Make sure that you use it optimally and at the same time make it safe for your child to play.


The above tips can go a long way in ensuring you that your child has the best toys to play and it not only keep him/her happy and busy but also contribute meaningfully to his/her overall growth and development.

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