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A healthy baby is a happy baby and its health is in the hands of parents. It is imperative that good quality feeding bottles are chosen for the infant. They should not contain any harmful materials like latex or Bisphenol-A (BPA). Hot milk in latex or plastic material can lead to seep of some toxins in the baby’s feet, which can be rather unhealthy. Another most important factor that cannot be overlooked is the Baby Bottle Nipples. Previously it was considered inconsequential, but today research proves that is it not so.


Healthgenie provide Nipples for their breast feeding bottles. They have natural color as well as texture with a form that perfectly complement the breastfeeding process. The website also offers a smooth transition for the baby towards bottle feeding. It creates natural lactating like experience for the baby. This obviously gives you a happy and a healthy baby. These Feeding Bottles have a distinctive, eye-catching appearance and it comes in two sizes.


These Baby Bottle Nipples carry integrated venting that prevents the colic. It has a complete one piece construction which also means fewer parts to clean. These baby nipples are made from highest and food grade silicone that is totally safe and healthy for the babies. Considerable effort has gone into research and design of the mimijumi products and hence it ensures most natural experience and comfort of handling for the parents. Healthgenie is committed to providing high quality baby care products keeping in mind the needs and considerations of the modern family.


The mothers should know that feeling from the bottles need different movements than breast feeding the baby. It is the reason that the infant may take a little bit of time before getting adjusted to the bottle. It is recommended that the baby is offered the bottle before the scheduled time. It will ensure that the baby doesn’t get frustrated and is still hungry enough to have milk. A good bottle eases the whole process for baby as well as the mother.


Sometimes it is a good idea that the bottle is fed to the baby by someone else. A mother may remain close but not that much close. Many infants have a tendency to smell the mother and in the case of bottles they may wonder why they are not getting the best products. This is why premium quality Baby accessories should be used to ensure safety of the baby. There is a lot of debate about the use plastic bottles and many are vouching for using only the glass bottles.

Below is the list of products that are required by every mother for a new born baby


1. Optional items include a baby monitor and a night light.


2. For changing and bathing items, you can have a changing table or use a surface in the nursery. You will need a change mat that is easy to wipe down in case it gets soiled, a baby bath or basin, which should not be too large, and at least two bath towels.


3. The products you need are diapers or cloth nappies; you also need nappy wipes, nappy rash cream or plain petroleum jelly, cotton wool, cotton buds, baby soap and baby shampoo.


4. You should also get a small nail cutter, a hairbrush and face cloths. Non essential items may be a bath seat that the baby can sit on while bathing which keeps the baby safe.


5. For a newborn baby, the feeding items will be baby bottles, teats and a sterilizer.


6. The teats should not be too small as this may frustrate the baby and they should not be too large as the milk flow will be too much.


7. You can also get a sterilizer to keep all the equipment clean.


8. Other optional items are a feeding pillow for the baby’s comfort and a breast pump if you intend to pump milk.


9. A newborn needs clothing that is comfortable and warm. Be careful that you do not buy too many clothing items as babies grow so fast.

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