Baby Wipes

Baby wipes are non- reusable and disposable wet towels that clean a baby’s skin. They are most usually used during diaper changes, but can also be used to clean and fresh baby’s face or hands. Sometimes, baby wipes are also used for alternative applications, like or cleaning spills or removing makeup.

Baby wipes are both scented and unscented. The fragrance helps to defuse an odor that arises during a diaper change. The unscented formula is meant for babies with sensitive skin. Baby wipes are either brand named or standard, but not much has changed in the mechanized process, because all products that come in contact with a baby must stick on to a strict governmental instruction.

Benefits of using Baby Wipes:

1. The biggest benefit of using baby wipes is it helps in saving time. They allow fast and easy skin cleansing, and can be disused after use.


2. Baby wipes remove the requirement for washing soiled cloths. Most baby wipes enclose water, moisturizer and mild detergent. They also include glycerin, which is nontoxic humectant that averts the solution from drying.


3. Baby wipes are generally white in color and restrain a thick and non-woven material. The material can be a combination of polyester, cotton and rayon fibers, and is pressed together to form a wipe or single sheet.


4. Many well-liked baby wipes contain elements that can trigger allergic reactions for some babies with sensitive skin, so although it’s most likely fine to use them right away, many doctors suggest playing it secure and waiting until your baby’s at least 1 month old.


5. Once your baby’s big, wipes can very helpful and convenient, especially for changing diapers on traveling. Select a brand that’s unscented and alcohol-free, which will minimize all kinds of irritation. If your baby’s bum looks red after using a wipe, it may be causing a reaction or allergy.

You may need to test out a few kinds of wipes to find one that best which goes with your baby’s skin. It’s always a good plan to call the pediatrician about any rashes that don’t recover within a few days.


Safety tips while using Baby Wipes:

Many Baby wipes hold parabens, which are chemicals that have been associated to skin irritation, even breast cancer and organ toxicity, even though this is controversial, and still profoundly debated amongst scientists. As a practical response, some companies are now approaching out with “parabens-free” baby wipes.

Popular Baby Wipes available online:

1. Himalaya Herbals Gentle Baby Wipes:- Himalaya Herbals baby wipes are mild & super efficient blend of herbs crafted to clean moisturize & keep the baby’s delicate skin soft and hygienic. These wipes are prepared of Aloe Vera extracts to make sure moisture balance that will keep the baby’s skin supple & soft at all times, at the same time as the Indian lotus helps to keep the baby’s skin smooth & dry. Made from a hypoallergenic formula that contains only natural ingredients such as Indian Lotus & Aloe Vera extracts. These wipes are perfect for cleansing your baby’s delicate skin & gently clean as well as moisturize the baby’s skin with mild fragrance.


2. Purple Turtle Baby Wipes (80) 5079:- Purple Turtle Baby Wet Wipes (80 Pieces) Purple Turtle baby wet wipes are formulated from non woven spun-lace fabric. These wipes are developed with natural moisturizing driving force like aloevera which takes extra care for little ones. They are 100% Bacteria and Alcohol Free and safe to use.


3. Johnson’s Baby Wipes:- Johnson’s Baby Wipes is used efficiently to remove dirt and germs, these wipes are formulated with unique formula that is gentle as pure as water. It provides moisture to skin while cleaning and removing dirt. These wipes come in an easy packaging that can be stored and suitable to carry on go.


4. Nuby Baby Wipes New 102:- Nuby Baby Wipes are very light in weight and can be easily carried around. These are very inexpensive to buy and offer the most important elements of child raising-hygiene. These wet wipes are alcohol free in nature and do not cause any side effects. It is suggested that for the initial few weeks, you can dirt free your baby during diaper changes with an ultra-soft paper towel or clean cloth and warm water; if required, wipe on gentle baby soap. Keep a habit of patting the area dry with a towel before putting on a fresh diaper to prevent diaper rash. A must have for all the mothers looking forward to their baby’s sanitation habits.

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