Potty Training

Parents often look forward for the day their infants will no longer need diapers. Though some parents believe that a child should begin potty training a definite age but this is not always the case because potty training completely depends on the child’s physical and emotional willingness. In short, you cannot effectively potty train your baby until he is prepared to train. Once your child is set to train, remember to train with patience and allow your child to understand on his own terms.

Most parents begin thinking about potty training when their child is around 18 to 24 months old, but there’s no ideal time. It’s almost certainly easier to start in the summer, when washed nappies arid faster and there are fewer garments to take off. Do it over a phase of time when there are no great interruptions or changes to your child’s or your family’s schedule.

There are various signs that your child is all set for potty training:

1. When your baby identifies and recognize when they’ve got a wet or dirty nappy.

2. They get to make out when they’re passing urine, and may cry and tell you they’re doing it.

3. When your baby knows when they need to pee, and may say so in advance.

4. Potty training is generally fastest if your child is at the preceding phase before you start the teaching. If you start in advance, be ready for a lot of accidents as your child is learning.

How to start potty training

1. Watch your kids for signals that he is ready to learn potty train. This comprises presenting an interest in the toilet, telling you when he has to go and wanting you to alter his diaper as soon as it is wet and dirty.


2. Locate a potty chair in the bathroom and make your child sit on the chair. Ensure he can sit happily with his feet firmly on the floor or a stool. Read to him or tell him a story as he sits so that he feels busy. Do this for a few minutes each day to familiarize him to sitting on the toilet.


3. Take-off the child’s diaper and lay her on the toilet when you think she might want to use the bathroom. Stay with your child the whole time and encourage and praise your child in spite of she uses the toilet.


4. Promptly help your child to the toilet when you observe signs that she may require to use the bathroom. This includes wriggling, holding the genitals and crouching. Help your child become well-known with these signs by stopping what she is doing and taking her to the bathroom.


5. Applaud your child when she does use the toilet. Give her oral praise and a treat such as a sticker, toy, or snack. Do not scold your child for mistakes. Let her make out mistakes are OK and that ultimately she will no longer have them.


6. Make sure everyone supports the potty training. Inform all siblings, baby sitters, grandparents and anyone else who take care for the child that the child is potty training.


7. Congratulate your child on the day he is all set to give up diapers in favor of underwear. Show him love by celebration of his becoming a “big kid.” Encourage other family members to praise your child’s achievement as well.


Potty training products available online:

1. Nuby Two Tone Safety Training Potty 412:- Nuby Safety Training Seat comes in variety of colors which your child will love to use. Available in size 11.7 x 4.8 x 14.5 inches having 0.7 inches, it offers a safe and secure way to potty train for a child. Nuby toilet seat is designed for both girls and boys usage. It fits easily under the toilet seat to grant a safe and secure way for your child to potty train.

2. Sun Baby Potty Trainer:- It is a safe and comfortable for your baby to start his or her potty training at an early on age. A steering-shaped face helps the child to play with it and be comfortable when getting potty trained. The toilet port can be separate and can be effortlessly washed clean and the material used on the seat is safe and doesn’t cause any uneasiness or rash to the skin of the baby. They are available in vibrant colors and are designed for both boys and girls.

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