JSB AC200 with 100 Strips 100 Lancets Glucometer

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Product Overview

The JSB AC200 Glucometer is a clinically tested and
* FDA approved blood glucose monitor.
* This device requires a minimum blood sample of 0.5 uL and can test in mg/dl and mmol/dl.
* It gives your blood sugar reading within five seconds.
* This glucometer is powered by two AAA batteries.

  • No Coding required
  • Results in 10 seconds
  • 500 Test Memories

JSB AC200 Glucometer

The JSB AC200 Glucometer is a clinically tested and FDA approved blood glucose monitor. When buying a blood glucose meter, you often think about the re-occuring cost of testing strips so that these are not heavy on your budget. The JSB AC200 glucometer will not only fit your lifestyle but also save you money. With affordable price of blood glucose meter and test strips, this is one of the best buy for diabetics. This compact JSB glucometer is easy to use and can be easily carried with you wherever you go. It features a large symbolic LCD screen that displays your readings. This glucometer is FDA approved and CE certified.

Package contains:

Brand JSB
Type Glucometer
JSB Glucometer, Yes
Symbolic Display Yes
FDA approved Yes
CE Certified Yes
Easy to use Yes
For contamination free disposal of strips Yes
With strips ejection button Yes
500 test memories with date and time Yes
100 Strips, Yes
100 Lancets, Yes
Lancing Device, Yes
Battery & Carry Case. Yes
No coding Yes
Result in 10 seconds Yes
Large LCD screen Yes
Small blood volume required (0.5uL) Yes



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