Tara Nutricare Nitro Pump, Unflavored 60Caps

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  • Enhances protein synthesis for a faster recovery
  • Incredible gain in muscle pump with nitric oxide
  • Supports high intensity exercise
  • For intense energy and focus
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Product Overview

Serving Size 4 Caps / Serving 15
Improved Strength and Endurance
3.6 g of L-arginine Per Serving

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Nitro pump (60 caps) – tara nutricare ,incredible gain in muscle pump with nitric oxide ,supports high intensity exercise ,for intense energy and focus ,description ,tara’s nitro pump contains highly pure grade of aakg combined with other nitric oxide releasing ingredients to enhance rush of extra blood to the muscles and their consequent pumping. Nitro pump xtreme contains research based powerful nutrients and is formulated to be the best product of its kind for enhancing intensity & muscle pump. Each ingredient in the capsule has a specific role to increase performance and has been used by numerous bodybuilders specifically near to the days of competition. Once released in the body,it dilates the vessels and increases the blood flow in the muscles and thus ensure availability of more oxygen and nutrients to the muscles. Nitro pump no xtreme is safe and effective to take with our other creatine range of products or energizer xtreme ,recommended usage ,take 4 capsules 15 to 20 minutes before your training session with water or combined with your protein shake.active ingredients ,l-arginine akg 2 to1,di-arginine malate,d-ribose,vitamin b3 (nicotinamide),ginkgo biloba 24/6 p.e.,vanadyloxosulphate,bioprene ,caution ,this product is not intended to diagnose,treat,cure or prevent any disease.use as dietary supplement only,not for medicinal use.if pregnant or lactating or have any serious medical condition,please consult your doctor before taking this product.keep out of reach of children.

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