Relispray Instant pain Relief Spray-135 gms

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Provides instant reliefMade of natural ingredientsGets quickly absorbed
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Relispray Instant pain Relief Spray is an instant pain reliever that is made up of ingredients that are natural and pure. Considered to be India’s first environmental friendly spray, it is completely CFS free.Made with aerosols formulation, the spray is composed of micro fine particles that are negligible in size. This means greater and easy penetration inside the affected areas. It is readily absorbed by the skin and requires no massage. This makes it a non-messy and a no-strain application.The spray comes with a promise of maintaining excellent quality while its manufacturing. The brand also claims of zero contamination and no-leakage, besides a prolonged expiry date that comes after five years.Benefits Provides instant relief from all aches No-mess application Made with the goodness of natural ingredients Quickly absorbed by the affected area No massage needed


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