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Menopause Kits

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Menopause Kit

Menopause test kits are health kits that ensure whether you have reached menopause and have your last period. It is most likely the best way to find out whether you have reached the phase where you have had your last period. There are symptoms of menopause from which you could tell that you have reached the stage, but none of these symptoms can really confirm that you have reached it. The simplest way to find out is by going to a doctor or with the help of a test kit. It can be quite frustrating to experience hot flashes, irregularities in periods and various other problems without knowing what is really causing it. Many women choose to purchase a menopause test kit because it has the advantage of allowing them to perform a test in the privacy of their own home. The average age for the onset of menopause in women is 51, however women can start to go through it earlier (from the age of 39), or later (up to the age of 59). The test kit gives you a reliable indication that you have reached the post menopausal stage, it does this by showing when you had your last period which means the post menopause stage has begun.

Different Benefits of Menopause Test Kits

  1. A menopause test kit is helpful because it makes a woman aware of what is happening in her body, as a result she can then seek out the best forms of treatment for menopause as well as make decisions about any lifestyle changes that need to take place in order for her to keep herself at finest health. The test will also put a woman's mind to rest because rather that fretting about whether she has reached menopause or not she will be able to take the necessary action required for dealing with it.

  2. You might think it is menopause, but may not take the necessary action to deal with it simply because you have not had the time to confirm that you are experiencing it. Therefore, you must confirm before you come to any other conclusions. A test kit works its magic by testing for an increase follicle stimulating hormone or FSH for short. The levels of this hormone rise when a woman has reached menopausal age (which is why some women grow whiskers on their faces). The thing that makes this test reliable is the fact that FSH remains at a high level for up to 5 years after a woman's last period. This makes FSH an excellent test sample.

  3. Menopause kits are much better than going to a doctor for menopause testing. A small kit is easy to use and inexpensive. In extremely reasonable rate, you can get a state of the art test kit that will give you a 100% correct result. Once you confirm that, you are experiencing menopause you can then seek further assistance from your physician. Instead of spending a big amount of money at a doctor's clinic, you can now opt for menopause test kits.

  4. Menopause kits are exact since they are designed to check for the human follicle-producing hormone in the body. If this hormone is no longer being produced in the body, it means that the woman is no longer going to have her periods and is experiencing menopause.

  5. Menopause test kits have another great benefit to them; it takes only ten minutes for you to get your results. This means no waiting, no appointment and no traveling to the clinic repeatedly. All you need to do is follow the instructions given in the kit and you will have your test result in a matter of ten minutes. It is most certainly impossible to get quick result at a clinic.

  6. Menopause kits can be used by anyone who thinks they are experiencing menopause symptoms such as hot flashes and mood changes. It is the best way to determine whether you had your last period or not.

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