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Breast Examination Glove

Breast Examination Glove

Breast Examination Glove: A famous quote says that “Fear is the cancer”. Breast cancer is a tumor within the breast. Most of the women would have lived if their cancer had been diagnosed in early stage. The key is early detection. Breast Self Examination glove is intended for self examination and early detection of any changes in the breast tissue. It can help women to self examine at home. Early detected cancer can be treated much better, much faster and with higher probability of positive result of the treatment. The fight against cancer is all of ours. We never know when it will attack a friend, family member, or ourselves. It is important to realize the significance of breast self-examination. BSE or regularly examining your breasts can be an important way to find cancer early, when it is more likely to be treated successfully. Not every cancer can be found this way, but it is critical step you can and should take for yourself. Healthgenie is the first online shopping website which has launched ‘heuer’ Breast Examination Glove. Globally, an increasing number of people are buying over the Internet because it is more convenient.

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Breast Examination Gloves

Women around the globe are at higher risk of developing one of the most terrible diseases in the world that is one form of cancer and affects the most delicate part of the body breast. Breast cancer is a tumor within the breast tissues. It is the most common cancer in woman. Early detection is the key to treat breast cancer that helps in better treatment with higher chance of positive results. Routine examinations can be an indispensable way to spot cancer early. In the initial stages, it is can be treated successfully.

It is the second major cause of cancer related deaths and cause one percent of all deaths in the world. Thanks to developing science for invention of breast examination gloves to detect, the breast cancer at the initial stage where it is easily manageable and can be treated by using a number of treatment options, however apart from the scientific methods there is a simple way as well to stay in touch with breast to ensure early detection of cancer.

Self-Breast Examination

It is a method performed by women independently to detect abnormalities, which take place in breast over the time or during a clinical examination. It includes manual and visual inspection of breasts to look for the changes of skin, nipple, lumps and bumps. Visual inspections better to be done by using a mirror and a woman need to sit and stand in front of mirror in such a way that breasts can be observed clearly. Manual inspection involves the effort to search for lumps, bumps, swelling and changes in the texture.

When to perform self examination?

There are no hard and fast rules about the time to perform breast self examination any day can be selected according to the convenience of women, but it is better to choose the day after periods to examine the breasts when they are normal and not having any changes due to increased estrogen such as lumpiness, swelling, increased size etc.

Who should perform self examination?

It is advised to perform it once a month after the age of 20 as this age is good enough to understand several complications related to breast and the intricate structure of breast, as there are various things to understand such as the development of this body part continues throughout the life. Women pass through various stages in which certain changes take place in this part of the body such as puberty, adulthood, menstruation, pregnancy and breastfeeding. Several changes took place in breasts specifically during stages of life. Moreover, most of the changes are normal and crucial for the development of normal breasts. It is normal for breasts to change in size several times a day during breast feeding as at this stage milk producing glands produce milk for infants, similarly the changes of size and certain other changes of nipple etc. takes place during pregnancy naturally.

Therefore, they must not be the cause of anxiety and women need to understand the difference between normal and abnormal changes to take care of their breasts in a better way. There are several abnormal changes as well that take place in the breast so beware of those changes because they can be due to breast cancer and early detection of such changes is crucial for successful treatment of this dreadful type of cancer specifically affecting women around the globe.

Below are some ways to perform the breast examination.

  1. Stand straight:- Stand straight in front of a mirror and try to find the shape and size of both your breasts. Monitor carefully your nipples, bulging, any dimpling, bulging etc. try to find if any extra skin, color changes, nipple discharge etc.

  2. Lie down:- Now lie flat on your back. To monitoring the right breast, keep one pillow under it and your hands under your head. Now with left hand and using fingers and different pressure, feel your right breast utterly. Remember, if you feel any bump or any eruptions. Press the nipple for any discharge. Do again the same procedure for your left breast.

  3. In the shower:- While in the shower with your soapy hands, feel your breasts and again look for any swelling or depression.

Breast Cancer Indications

Breast cancer shows many warning signs if the examination is done cautiously.

  1. Peculiarly different sizes of the two breasts

  2. Unusual and prolonged pain in the breast

  3. Lump and bump formation

  4. Swelling

  5. Discharge from the nipples

Do not forget to visit your doctor every month for your regular breast check up but along with these visits follow these ways as well. It is not necessary that tumor or lumps have to be cancerous, it could be normal as well but if you examine any irregularity mentioned above, immediately visit your doctor and get your tests done.

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