Osim uPhoria Leg Massager
Osim uPhoria Leg Massager

OSIM uPhoria – The world’s 1st Tui-Na Leg Massager

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  • Kneading Massage
  • Rolling Reflexology Massage
  • Power Squeeze Massage
  • Vibration Massage
  • Warmth Therapy
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Product Overview

* Osim uPhoria is an advance leg massager by OSIM. It is also know an Tui Na leg massager, which is world’s 1st in rank.* It targets the whole leg, foot and the calf muscles.* This massager basically functions as reflexology, means an appropriate pressure at some specific point or an area, it also gives vibration and warmth therapy.* It enhances the muscle strength of the legs as it provides positive energy flow to and fro, that relaxes the tissues and helps to recover.

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Inspired by the distinctive soothing-pain of an effective foot reflexology massage, OSIM uPhoria is the world’s 1st Tui-Na leg massager that targets vital meridian points on the legs to promote positive energy flow, for better health and overall well-being. OSIM uPhoria -The most comprehensive and advanced leg massager for your calves, ankles and feet. 1- The world’s 1st Tui-Na Massage for Calves 2- Wrap-around power squeeze massage 3- Roller Reflexology Massage 4- Vibration Massage 5- Warmth Therapy

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