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Loyalty Program

Registration/Welcome Points Policy




  • get 2000 reward points as a welcoming gesture (only for the new customers registering at Healthgenie.in)

  • these points can be used by the customers in their successive shopping with Healthgenie.in, in 2 months time from the date of registering at Healthgenie.in

  • can redeem up to 6 per cent at a time, of the total value of the order from the given 2000 points

  • and subsequently, rest of the points can be utilized in the next purchases respectively

Independence Day Offer

  • Get 10% flat discount on orders below or equal to Rs. 20,000. Use Coupon Code : (HG15AUG)
  • User can use Registraion points to get 6% discount on orders above Rs. 20,000 .



Loyalty Points Policy




More you shop, More you save at Healthgeie.in”




  • 3 per cent of the total order value is credited back to your Healthgenie.in account for consistently shopping with us.

  • This amount can be redeemed in your next purchase at Healthgenie.in

  • the amount credited to your account is valid for six months from the date the amount is credited in your account

  • the customers can redeem their Loyalty Points only when it is equal to or more than ₹ 100




Discounts & Coupon Codes Policy




  • Regular customers are offered attractive discounts and other various coupon codes from time to time or during the festive seasons through Newsletters, e-Mails or through Facebook.

  • two coupon codes cannot be applied at the same time

  • redeemption of points and use of coupon codes, both cannot be applied at the same time

  • the customers when using their discount code, coupon code, loyalty points or welcome points; no loyalty points will be given on such purchases


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