KnockOut Pepper Spray – Key Ring style

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  • Size: 14 gm
  • Effective from 8-10 feet
  • Pocket Carry
  • Instant inflammation
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Product Overview

Small and compact in a key-ring style.
* Easily fits in your pocket.
* Instant inflammation in Eye.
* Range: upto 10 feet.
* Ensures your complete protection from attackers.
* Disables the attackers for 30- 45 minutes.
* Easy to use.

KnockOut Pepper Spray – Key Ring style

This spray is specially designed as a highly effective personal safety device. It has a powerful Pepper formula that results in severe irritation as well as a burning effect in the eyes and the facial tissues of the attackers. This product also makes the attacker completely immobilized. When pepper spray is sprayed at the attacker’s face, he will instantly close his eyes and face problems, like severe burning, excessive tearing, exertion breathing, extreme coughing  and runny nose. This is a self-defense pepper spray which is good for senior citizens, women, petrol pump: bank security/ cashiers/ATM guards, useful against charging animals and highway motorist etc. It is a product for all. It is different than other pepper sprays as it comes in a unique key-ring style. this helps you to reach the spray more quickly and take action immediately rather than searching for the spray in the bag first.

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