Inner Armour Hard Mass Gainer 15lb chocolate

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Inner Armor Hard , 15 Lbs is a heavy duty protein powder by the trusted brand Inner Armour. This is 100 % isolate that scientifically designed to deliver 30 grams of 100% of Whey Isolate protein per 20 grams of serving. The extremely special formula of this product contains zero fat, sugar, carbohydrates or cholesterol. This is one powerful whey isolate that is great to boost your workouts and give you strength.
Design and Comfort
If you are looking for a 100% whey isolate to provide you true protein and sports nutrition then this is the product that you need to go for. This superior quality powder comes in the flavour Chocolate swirl which is an amazingly delicious flavour for all taste palates. This 1 kg pack contains 20 servings of 30 grams each. These are enough to help boost your strength and ultimately help you build muscle faster. It contains 50g Protein, 1277 Calories, 4g of Creatine and over 9g of BCAA’s and Glutamine.
Inner Armor Hard , 15 Lbs comes in an easy to carry silver plastic case. After an intense workout session your muscles are starved for nutrients and need true results fast. In general, Isolates are the most refined protein sources, scientifically filtered to remove fats, sugars, cholesterol and carbohydrates. With combat 100% Isolate, you enjoy the best.

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Mass Gainer


Weight Gain

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Perfect protein ratio for hard gainers

No. of Serving


Protein per Serve in Gram


Serving Size

335 gm

Servings Per Day


Calories / Serve







Inner Armour

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Calories / 100 grams


Protein in Gram / 100 Gram


Carbs in gms / 100 grams


Total Fat in Gms / 100 gram


Cholestrol in MG / 100 grams


Calcium in MG / 100 Gram


L Glutamine in MG / 100 Gram


Type of Mass Gainer

Weight Gainer

Total Protein in Gram


Total Carbs


Total Calories


Creatine in Gms / 100 Grams


Calories from Fat / 100 gram


Glutamine Peptides in MG / 100 Gram


Multi Pack

Pack of 1



Price/100g Overall97
Price/100g of Protein646
Price/100g of Carbs121
Price/100g of Carbs + 100g of Protein767
Price per 1000 Calories1211

The ultimate new discovery by Inner Armour, Hard Mass Gainer is a high power protein designed for heavy training athletes and light weight individuals who want to pack solid muscle. This premium mass gainer escalates your body’s capabilty to ingest more calories for faster muscle growth. If you are one of those chaps who seem unable to put on more weight however hard they try, here is answer of your prayers. Now gain healthy weight with Inner Armour Hard Mass gainer and see yourself gaining hard core lean muscles.

Anabolic Muscle Enhancers :

Hard Mass Gainer contains special anabolic boosters that improve your physical performance by adding to the muscle mass and strength. It enhances the production of the naturally secreted testosterone, which is known to fuel the efficiency of muscles and naturally boosts the level of strength and stamina.

Waxyspeed :

Technically enhanced with waxy maize carbohydrate technology which converts extremely rare kind of plant glucose to glucogen and other amino acids in your body. It also helps in absorbing protein, carbs and creatine by your muscles which allows your body to retain hydration and grow at a much faster pace.

High Ratio of Amino Acids :

This ultra innovative protein mix consists a well researched ratio of special proteins to help you maintain the crucial level of amino acids. This ultimately leads to an increased rate of muscle growth and strength buildup which is ver important for a bodybuilder.

Accelerates Faster Muscle Recovery :

The prominent combination of creatine, glutamine peptides, and HMB in calibrated dosages increase energy levels, promote lean muscle mass development, accelerate recovery, reduce muscle soreness, and enhance immune system function. These special compounds helps you recover faster from muscle loss post workout, and provides you the much needed nutrition to regain your muscles.

Grab at the chance of getting a greek-god like solid body and buy the Inner Armour Hard Mass Gainer today from at amazing prices!

Directions to use:
Weight Gain Serving Size- 4 Heaped Scoops (335g) Servings per container – 20
All-In-One Serving Size- 2 Heaped Scoops (167.5g) Servings per container – 40
This product can be taken up to twice daily for maximum effect.

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