Healthgenie BP Monitor BPM01W

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  • Memory Bank 2×60
  • 45.0×30.2 mm LCD Screen
  • IHB Indicator
  • User Friendly
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Product Overview

*  Healthgenie BP monitor provides good capacity with 60 records for 2 person which is an added benefit.
*  Equipped with a large LCD screen 45.0 x 30.0 mm that enables easy and clear reading without any confusion.
*  It depicts the month, day, hour, minute data information in a pattern which is easy to comprehend.
*  For warranty activation – For a trouble free product usage, we would request you to activate the Warranty of your product within 30 days  of the product delivery on the following link

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Product Type

BP Monitor


Digital & Automatic

Cuff Size


Screen Size

45.0×30.2 m

Good For

To Monitor Blood Pressure





Healthgenie BP Monitor BPM01W checks the blood pressure and pulse rate. With blood pressure pertaining ailments on the rise, this blood pressure monitor is a good way of preventing and controlling your blood pressure to a great extent. It is a digital upper arm blood pressure monitor which has excellent accurracy and possesses reliability and durabilty. This product is often seen as a method of keeping a check on blood pressure and controlling it with feasible changes in the lifestyle. This blood pressure  monitor plays a significant role in detecting the blood flow right from the artery to converting the flow into digital reading. It does not create any kind of discomfort. It also comprises of an automatic off feature  which turns off all by itself. Such a monitor is best for users who have no previous knowledge about operating a bloo dpressure monitor as it’s quite easy to use. This Healthgenie BP monitor BPM01W works on 4AA size alkaline batteries. It also works good with a AC power. It has a low battery indicator that blinks when the power goes off. Even a person with no absolute knowledge of blood pressure monitor can use it with much ease. It is quite convenient and can be carriedasily anywhere.It gives accurate and consistent readings with zero errors. It offers +/-5% pulse with +/-3mmHg pressure. The pulse range is between 30 to 180 beat/minute.It has a unique property, which indicates irregular heartbeat, the indicator blinks when the alert is being noticed. It also helps you to diagnose the abnormal functions such as hypertension followed by your heart. The design of the monitor is such that the blood pressure monitor has a screen with dimension 45.0 * 30.2 mm that enables a clear view of the reading. The design is compact and small in size. The data is represnted as month, day, hour and minute.


Brand  Healthgenie
Type  Blood pressure monitor
Pulse range  30 to 180 beat/minute.
Pressure   +/-5% pulse with +/-3mmHg pressure
Alkaline batteries   4 AA size
Cuff fit arms  22.0-36.0cm.
LCD screen  45.0×30.2 m

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