Healthgenie BP Monitor BPM03

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  • Fully Featured, Automatic, Extra large LCD display 102×69mm. 2 Multi user separate Memory with 60 readings each, along with date/time stamp
  • Upper Arm for more accurate readings with Irregular heartbeat detection. BP, Best taken after laying down on bed for 5mins & No activity . Please try & take readings at similar times of the day , to get most accurate , indicative reading, for doctors diagnosis. Home care BP monitors, are used for keeping an eye of BP TRENDS, which is when, as compared to results of same time, under some conditions previously.
  • For warranty activation - For a trouble free product usage, we would request you to activate the Warranty of your product within 30 days of the product delivery on the following link
  • Average of Last 3 Results for convenience & accuracy. Accuracy pressure ±3 mmHg, Pulse ±5 percentage of display reading.
  • 4 AA Batteries are Included with this package. AC adapter has to be bought separately. Mercurial BP monitors are most accurate , as far as technology is concerned , however , this is a great device for Home measuring BP trends , with correct use. PLEASE READ INSTRUCTION MANUAL, ON BEST WAY TO USE, BEFORE USING PRODUCT.
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Product Type

BP Monitor


Digital & Automatic

Cuff Size


Screen Size

102.1 x 68.9 mm

Good For

To Monitor Blood Pressure





Healthgenie BP Monitor BPM03 has 102.1×68.9 mm LCD. A memory Bank of 2×90 capacity. Has a irregular heartbeat Indicator. BP Monitor BP03 by Healthgenie is designed to measure bloop pressure and pulse rate of an individual. It uses Oscillometric method of blood pressure measurement. As we know every third person is suffering from blood pressure. Many a times it’s hard to find out the ups and down going in blood pressure, to get rid of the problem Healthgenie presents a digital upper arm Blood Pressure Monitor with great accuracy, digital quality, reliability and credibility. settings.Design- BP monitor is designed with 102.1×68.9mm LCD screen with extra large size that easily indicates the result. It appears in a fashion of month+day+hour+minute as a data function. Its design is compact and small in size compared to others. It gives accurate and consistent results with zero digital errors. It provides +/-5% pulse with +/-3mmHg pressure. The pulse range is between 30 to 180 beat/minute. This monitor has a good storage capacity, which can store at least 60 records for two people respectively. This monitor has a unique property, which indicates irregular heartbeat, the indicator blinks when the alert is being noticed. It also helps you to diagnose the abnormal functions such as hypertension followed by your heart.

Warranty: The product comes with 2 year warranty.

Brand Healthgenie
Type Blood Pressure monitor
LCD 102.1×68.9 mm LCD
Pulse range Between 30 to 180 beat/minute
Irregular heartbeat Indicator Yes
Memory 60 records

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