Health Aid Salmon Oil 1000mg Capsules – 60 caps

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53 /1000 mg of EPA+DHA

  • Salmon oil 1000mg
  • EPA 180mg / DHA 120mg
  • Omega-3 300mg
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Health Aid Salmon Oil 1000mg Capsules

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Omega-3's! Natural Overall Health Support for a Healthy Heart and Joints!

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Salmon Oil 1000mg Capsules are one of the richest natural sources of EPA and DHA.  These Omega 3 fatty acids work synergistically in the body to promote a healthy heart and circulatory system.  EPA and DHA may help by regulating triglycerides and cholesterol levels, blood pressure and blood clotting tendency. Salmon Oil from HealthAid capsules provide EPA and DHA extracted from pure fresh water salmon oil without the use of chemicals.

Salmon Oil 1000mg Casules may be of benefit to;

* Those who need to support  the cardiovascular, reproductive and nervous systems

* Those who need to support immune function by regulating inflammation and encouraging the body to fight infection

* Those who wish to delay or avoid age-related illnesses

* Those who wish to improve the quality of their skin

* Children to aid neural development, healthy brain function and an active lifestyle

* People who eat a typical western diet, who are likely to be consuming less-than-optimal amounts of the essential omega acids, EPA and DHA.

* Those who have diets limited in mackerel, salmon, herring, sardines, sable fish (black cod), anchovies, albacore tuna, and wild game.  (Alternative vegetarian source of EPA/DHA is obtained from Flaxseed Oil).

*  Those who wish to maintain healthy supple joints

* High blood pressure patient’s, and people who want to improve the functioning of the heart.

* When should I take Salmon Oil 1000mg Capsules?

Salmon Oil 1000mg Capsules can be taken daily with confidence as part of an optimal diet, for general health and wellbeing by everyone. However you may need additional support to help balance the body in times of increased stress, weight loss, mental disturbances as well as general cardiovascular, immune and reproductive support.


Directions to use:
Recommended Daily Intake of Salmon Oil 1000mg Capsules :
Adults and children over 6 years of age, one capsules daily.  Do not exceed recommended daily intake unless advised by a suitably qualified person.

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