Dymatize Micronized Glutamine-300 g

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  • Muscle Recovery
  • Nitrogen Transport
  • Fast Absorption
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Muscle Recovery
Nitrogen Transport
Fast Absorption

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Muscle Recovery. Nitrogen Transport. Fast Absorption / L-Glutamine, The Free Amino Acid, Is The Single Most Abundant Amino Acid Present In Skeletal Muscle. L-Glutamine May Support Muscle Tissue By Limiting The Degradation Of Protein Through Nitrogen Retention, Glycogen Synthesis, And Protein Synthesis. L-Glutamine May Also Assist In The Fueling And Detoxifying Of The Brain. Thus, L-Glutamine Has Been Dubbed “The Thinker’S Amino”. L-Glutamine’S Muscle And Brain Tissue Supporting Qualities Have Made L-Glutamine An Invaluable Addition To An Athlete’S Regimen.

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