Healthgenie Digital Weighing Scale (Red)

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  • Healthgenie Digital Weighing scale Red has 4 sensor technology with flat vibrant platform. * For best results,put your feet in the middle of flat tile of the scale. * The Proper and gentle standing gives you accurate result with zero fluctuation. * Weighing scale is used to determine the weight or mass of an individual. * You can measure your weight multiple times with same comfort level and ease. * The maximum weighing capacity of this scale is 180kgs.

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Design : Healthgenie digital weighing scale has a platform size of 30 X 30 X 2.5 cm which provides a perfect foot space for users so that the user can comfortably stand on the provided space to get accurate results. One just simply needs to keep the scale on a flat, hard and even surface and stand on the platform properly to get the accurate results. It platform is stylishly designed with inspirational quotes which makes it the most attractive and stylish weighing scales in the market.

Convenient : Healthgenie digital weighing scale has a LCD display of size 7 X 2.7 cm which helps users to get a clear readings of their weight. HD-221 is easy to set up and it also has auto on/off features which makes it more convenient for the users. Users can simply stand on the weighing scale to get the readings of their weight

Max User Weight : Digital weighing scale is made up of good quality low profile tempered glass which can easily bear the weight of 180kg. *Min User Weight :Digital weighing scale is made up of good quality low profile tempered glass which has minimum user weight of 5 kg.

Purpose : To determine the accurate body weight this digital weighing scale is used. You need to pin point your weight and body composition to get accurate result.The maximum weighing capacity is 180kg. You can get precise results with full comfort and ease.

Accuracy : The digital weighing scale is based on 4 sensor technology which determines the weight of an individual with 100% accuracy. Battery Low Indication:- It shows battery low indication when the battery gets low. 12 months warranty, we are providing on the scale.For a trouble free product usage, we would request you to activate the Warranty of your product within 30 days of the product delivery on the following link



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