Classic Mosquito Net Double Bed (pink)

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Two large zipper gates.Foldable.Size: 200x200x160 cm
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* Total Protection: Its high quality fabric and mesh don’t allow flies and mosquitoes to get in . therefore it protects you from mosquito bites as well as from the disease caused by mosquitoes. it gives you a total health protection against mosquitoes.* Happy Sleep: By keeping you away from fuzzy sounds and mosquito bites on your ankle, hands , knuckles it serves you with a quiet and pleasant sleep.* Light Weighted: As it is made up of tin fabric it is very much light weighted and can be carried easily anywhere . so buyer can use it in the house as well as outside the house.* Fold-able: Its a feature of being foldable makes it more portable and easily carry able as well. one can fold it in just 30 seconds put it into a bag and can assemble anywhere again in 30 seconds as well.* 2 Large Zipper Gates: 2 large zipper gates on two sides for entry and exit makes it very convenient to enter or exit from the net and makes it much more spacious.


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